Fwd: FW: A Wyoming Story

A guy walked into a crowded bar, waving his 1911 Colt .45 with a 7-round magazine plus one in the chamber and yelled,

"Who in here has been screwing my wife?"

A voice from the back of the bar yelled back, "You need more ammo."

Just another example of why you need to own high-capacity firearms.


Anonymous said...

So the Donald walked into that bar?

Son of Strom said...

HAHAHA. A joke about mass murder with a hidden message to support an idiotic interpretation of the 2nd amendment.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

ferschitz said...

Brought to you by the Guns 'n Ammo Industry. The CEOs and Wayne LaPierre cackle with glee at how easily the rubes can be manipulated... laughing all the way to their offshore accounts.

Hooray4US said...

I assume that the guy who held the gun was white - right? Otherwise, if he was dark-skinned, I assume RWD would be shaking in his booties and yelping about Moozelin Terrorisssss and shrieking about rounding them all up and shipping them back to the Middle East, where they belong, because RWD ain't "safe" when they're around (although safe to drink in bars where white men threaten them with guns).

Funny how it's all A-OK for white men to run around armed, dangerous and threatening to shoot dozens of people in public places. That's a real knee-slapping laugh riot, that is.

Rightwing humor fail, but yes: NRA propaganda.

Anonymous said...


Obsessed with race much? Seesh...the liberal mind is a wasted mind.

Give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

When the Alt Right decides to give their white supremacist fears & hatred "a rest" then liberals won't have to discuss race in the same way. It's rightwing Trump who wants to round up Mexicans & ban Muslims from entering the country. When conservatives give all of that racist hatred "a rest"
Then liberals can stop pointing out your obvious bigotry. Pretty simple really.

Anonymous said...

Geez. When a white guy goes on a shooting rampage at schools, in movie theaters, churches, etc, they're lone wolves. No problem. Everyone buy more guns.

If a Muslim or dark skinned person does the exact same thing, it's terroriss & RWD freaks out. It's totally different & we need to ban all Muslims because safety.

But liberals are stupid for pointing out the obvious. Got it.

Mike Hawk said...

Naw...not buying it.

Ya stinkin' liberals bring up RACE outta da' blue to attack and discredit a joke that makes absolutely no mention of race.

Lots of projection in the sicko liberal mind...par for the course, tho.

Mike Hawk

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