Fw: Why Putin envies Trump

Subject: Why Putin envies Trump

It is pretty easy to understand why Trump enjoys going to work every day!!!


Anonymous said...

Other than being surrounded by hot women all the time, I think Putin envies the Donald's prowess on Twitter. Never before have a man's tweets ruffled so many liberal chicken shit feathers.

Anonymous said...

Wait, did rightwing dad oh-so-gently knock Putin? Granted, it's just the usual misogyny, but still.

Anonymous said...

No doubt there's photos out there of Putin surrounded by hot babes, but why let reality get in the way of RWD's weird fantasy life?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

I doubt Putin gives shit about Trump or twitter. If he wants to ruffle feather he just kills or imprisons anyone who opposes him. Amazing how many supposedly freedom loving, supposedly patriotic Republicans now have a positive view of Putin.

delagar said...

Yeah, this one confuses me.

I guess the point is that -- at least on this one occasion -- Donald was able to pay hotter women to surround him than Putin was.

Go Donald?

Thx 4 Fish said...

Perhaps the true difference is that one of these men was performing the duties of a president and the other was performing the duties of a billionaire playboy? Trump may take the oath of office, but as for performing the duties of president, that seems more and more unlikely.

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