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“A liberal’s paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns.
And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist:
It's called Prison."
Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Billy Crystal said...

And prisons are BIG business, and will only get bigger (YUUUUUUUGER) under Trump.

Let's put gruaud, ferschitz, Hooray4US, and CharlieE in cell #69 and throw the key away. They will be eternally happy liberals living in their Utopian paradise....bunch of whiner losers who incessantly bring up race when arguing the ills that affect living in today's society.

Personally, I think gruaud would look "simply mah-ve-lous" in a black and white pinstripes jumpsuit.


Billy Crystal

CharlieE said...

Bang! Another strawman successfully slain.

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk (aka "Billy Crystal")

Please explain how eliminating:

The minimum wage
Access to healthcare
Access to birth control
Public schools

...will improve your life personally. I'm curious.

I think a lot of people, including many Trump voters, are going to suffer a lot. You, apparently, think you're going to make out like a bandit.

I'm curious. How will you personally benefit from the destruction of every good thing the U.S. government has ever done for the American public?

Thx 4 Fish said...

And yet red states are far more dependent on federal dollars than blue states. The psychology of the right is fascinating. They lap up the federal dollars while simultaneously shaking their collective fist at the government and the blue states which provide for the needs of their population. They are like spoiled teens who hate the parents that provide for their lavish lifestyles. I hope the red states do get to see the fruits of their federal votes soon.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives welcome federal benefits with open arms. The crux of the matter for them is that THOSE people also get benefits. That's why America isn't great anymore. It's pure dog-whistle, and it works every time. Yesterday, Ann Coulter tweeted: '14'. That was no coincidence.

ferschitz said...

If former Sheriff Joe even said that... of course, it's lying propaganda. So-called "liberals" don't believe in "free" everything. What we'd like to see is our taxes put to good use, such as funding good education (we used to have some of the best public education on the planet), a good infrastructure system, adequately funded public safety organization, comprehensive healthcare that's better managed, run at reasonable cost (chose amongst 30 to 40 countries worldwide that provide that much better than we do), etc.

What happens here? We socialize corporations with lavish tax cuts, tax loopholes and tax incentives, and then they leave the country anyway. But let's pretend that the very rich and the corporations aren't sucking off the govt tit. And let's pretend that it's only minorities and "illegals" who get all the free stuff, while hard working white people get nothing.

Such fallacies. Even Republicans aren't buying Joe's b.s. anymore. He got voted out by Trump voters:


But hey... enjoy reality for a change.

Hooray4US said...

All of what Apraio says is a lie because prison is hardly free. You and me, the US taxpayer, pays big time through the nose for the Prison Industrial Complex, which is, of course, making some billionaires mega-rich. CA recently voted out its always a bad idea Three Strikes Law because our prisons were way overcrowded with offenders who had very minor offences.

Even the Republicans, who punitively voted it in originally, came to see the error of their ways. There's no point in sending skads of citizens to prison for small-time violations. WE, the US taxpayer, are on the hook for it, and it makes no sense.

So some conservatives apparently dance with glee at the thought of a Trump Admin tossing tons more citizens in jail. Why? It's just going to cost YOU, not Trump & his billionaire cabinet, a lot of your hard earned money. For what purpose?

Arpaio's a liar, and anyone who claps and cheers for a larger prison population is a Fool... as in: a Fool and his money is easily parted. Of course, Trump knows that very very well. And Trump is laughing his ass off right this very minute at the rubes who voted for him. Bank on it.

Trump Voter said...

All you librrals are the dregs of society.

Shut the fuck up.

Trump Voter

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!
Donald J Trump

Mike Pence said...


Mike Pence

P.S. - Once dick head Trump is impeached, I will take over and tow the GOP establishment party line.

delagar said...

There's one truth to this meme -- "conservatives" would like very much to have every American citizen they consider not-them in prison: brown people, immigrant people, female people, dissident people, young people...

(I put "conservatives" in quotation marks because, of course, our current model of "conservatives" are not truly conservatives. They would make the conservatives of 1940 pale with anger and dismay, if not actual sickness.)

Mike Hawk said...

delagar is FULL OF SHIT.


Nimrata "Nikki" Haley (R)

Mike Hawk

delagar said...

Mr. Hawk displays his usual command of debating skills. There's your modern American Conservative, folks. Our Nation weeps.

Mike Hawk said...

And delagar wants to make blanket statements about conservatives, then thinks he can get away with it.

What a dunce....not to mention, naive at best.

LOL - Give me a break, ya tool.

Mike Hawk

My Crock said...

"I will take over and tow the GOP establishment party line."

It's "toe", moron.

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