Fw: Colin Kapernick - A few words for him

Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2016 9:41 PM
Subject: Colin Kapernick - A few words for him

Whoa!!! did she hit his false pretense right on the head....

You have just got to watch this, this girl just nails him good!!!!


Anonymous said...

Colin Kaepernick says America is not great, evokes torrents of rage and is asked to leave the country.

Donald Trump says America is not great, is elected president.

If you know perfectly well you're discriminating against minorities, then you automatically assume that someone is blaming you when they talk about injustice relating to minorities. You know you're part of the problem, so you get touchy even if nobody is accusing you of anything.

It's funny, though, how people are totally willing to be racist, discriminatory assholes, but they get very angry if you even imply that they are. It's far more insulting to be called a racist in America than to actually be a racist.

ferschitz said...

Rightwingers have been well trained by Rush (and his accolytes) and Fox to turn credible accusations about their behavior against those voicing their opinions.

If blatantly obvious racism exhibited by a conservative is pointed out, the conservative immediately attacks that person as being the "real racist." It's a game, fankly. That way they don't have to think about or question their thoughts, actions, motives, etc. Just blame it on someone else and carry on.

Can't be bothered to watch the video. I've seen enough of this crap.

Anonymous said...

Colin K. ain't black enough for me to even consider him an African-American.

Anyways, who gives a hoot, we are all Americans.

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