Fwd: Fw: Re: POEM FROM 1949

What  a great little poem from 1949....Some things and some folks
don't change much. The writing 
 was on the wall 
 way back then.


delagar said...

Yes, it's the same song the GOP has been feeding their impoverished base for over a hundred years.

And yet, somehow, the rich man gets richer and richer, and their base -- as well as the Democratic base -- gets poorer and poorer, despite all the screeching from Red State conservatives about bread & circuses.

You'd think the Red State poor would get a clue eventually, but nope. Instead they elect yet another rich man to loot them and their children.

CharlieE said...

Republicans, on the other hand, believe that taxes should be zero and that roads and schools should be free.

Anonymous said...

@CharleE No you have it all wrong, the poor and the middle class should pay taxes, I mean the roads won't pave themselves and the oil and gas industries cannot subsidize their own operations. The rich should pay nothing and receive ticker tape parades for allowing people to work for them.

ferschitz said...

Because RWD's parents and grandparents benefitted from FDR's New Deal and were enabled to not starve and to live in something better than a hovel following the 1930s Great Depression, the super rich & the Oligarchs have engaged in this type of propaganda demonizing the poors.

RWD has consistently been an easy mark to dupe into believing that the wealthy deserve to rip us all off and send us back to the starvation levels of hovel-living existence of the 1930s. I think this is what Trump means when he does his MAGA schtick - let's go back to the 1930s when it was great to be super rich and the rest of the proles would work for peanuts, if they didn't starve to death. Has worked like a charm for a decades on conservatives.

Nothing is really new here, is it?

Hooray4US said...

Yes, agree: nothing is new here. This doggeral apparently was attributed by Ohio Republican, Clarence J. Brown, to a "prominent Democrat" from Georgia and "jammed" into the Congressional Record. Funny how the Ohio Republican wants to blame this diatribe on a Democrat.

The NY Daily News was then owned by the Tribune Company, whose main owners were a rich Chicago family.

Yes, nothing new under the sun. Same old, same old.

Tell lies and pit the working classes against each other, while the rich get richer and laugh their asses off at the stupidity of the proles.

Mike Hawk said...

@Hooray4US: The "working classes"?

I thought there was only one working class (consisting of blue collar and white collar).

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Nitpicking and spelling. You are one deep motherfucker.

Mike Hawk said...

"motherfucker"? Huh?

Try two words: mother fucker

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

WTF was the "Welfare State" in 1949?????

The only national programs were Social Security, subsidies to farmers, the GI Bill, the V.A., etc.

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