Fw: A MUST SEE VIDEO--Incredible

Subject: A MUST SEE VIDEO--Incredible

The government has taken some really stupid and insane actions but this takes the cake!!  
Pay me to not kill you?????
Never thought about that!!!
Another case of our Government gone insane. If true, Snopes has nothing on it.


gruaud said...

As usual, all the rightwing echo-sites display the reasoning skills of an eight year old child.

If a federal outreach program can shield terrorist influence from vulnerable kids, and costs only $216K, wouldn't you try it? No, you'd rather jail and/or deport them even though they're US citizens.

That being said, that the program is being driven by the AG office is not going to win you much trust among the people you are reaching out to. The CVE/BCR program should be run by another agency, and not target only Somali muslims.

CharlieE said...

Once again, RWD demonstrates his lack of knowledge of how our government operates.

Believe it or not, President Obama can't just do whatever he wants, particularly when it comes to spending money. For that, he needs Congress, which has, for the past 8 years, pretended that the Oval Office is vacant.

CharlieE said...

One other thing:

Another case of our Government gone insane.

You're going to have a lot of fun when the people who are genuinely insane take over.

Mike Hawk said...

You bunch of dumb ass liberal pansies....wake the fuck up. The CVE "program" is just a front for domestic spying/intelligence gathering on these twisted lil' fuckers from shit hole Somalia.

These fuckers aren't gonna become model US citizens as a result of "no" stinking govt run program...what an oxymoron.

Somalis have had a long history of thug-like behavior, and if you give 'em a finger, they'll take your whole hand.


And you fucked up liberals wanna know WHY you got your asses handed to you across the board in November. Laughable.

It's a new year...wake the fuck up and smell the Juan Valdez, amiguitos.

Mike Hawk

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