FWD: Obama's Monumental Legacy

date:Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 6:05 PM
subject:Obama's "Monumental" Legacy

Obama's Monumental Legacy.....


Anonymous said...

What is this trying to say? As far as 2nd terms go, Obama's has been pretty good. That looks like a pretty big legacy. Or is it supposed to be a tomb? What legal challenges are pending? Obamacare was (again) ruled constitutional by SCOTUS. The Iran deal isn't subject to legal challenges. Once again, I feel like wingnuts are living in a totally different reality.

gruaud said...

Normalized relations with Cuba
Climate deal with China
Iran nuclear deal (coalition of six nations)
EPA Ozone Rules established
Economic sanctions on Putin
Net Neutrality
EPA coal regulations

What, you wanted a pony, too?

CharlieE said...

Keep in mind that everything he's accomplished has been done against unprecedented obstruction in Congress.

He's done some things that weren't admirable, too, such as punishing whistleblowers and using drones to kill U.S. citizens.

Funny thing - we haven't heard a peep from Republicans about those things, probably because they love it when the government hurts people.

gruaud said...

@ CharlieE

The whole TPP debacle is also sickening.

Why can't conservatives take Obama to task for actual issues instead of their usual nonsense?

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