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Date: Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 12:34 PM
Subject: FW: See if I have this correct-----------

: See if I have this correct-----------
Let's see if I have this correct;

Population is 68 % black
Police Department is 68 % black
Fire Department is 58% black;
School District is 86% black
School Teachers are 72% black;
City Council is 90% black;
Mayor is a black;
Chief of Police is black;
54% of Population is on Welfare;

And They Believe The Whites Are 
The Reason They Are Living In Poverty


gruaud said...

Yes, that's precisely correct. That's the easy part.

Here's the hard part:


CharlieE said...

I have no idea if they believe that or not. Have you taken a survey?

ferschitz said...

I don't know if black people in Baltimore blame their poverty on whites or not, but if they do, I don't blame them. Study after study has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that racial discrimination exits (and has gotten worse, not better), negatively impacts blacks in getting good jobs, and so forth.

More white supremacist propaganda pushed out by the usual suspects in rightwing think tanks. IOW, just another day ending in "y."

Hooray4US said...

I question these "statistics."

The WSJ says most PDs have about 12% black officers.

The most recent US census data says the percentage of blacks in Baltimore is 63%.

I don't have time to do the rest. Dubious stats. Equally dubious assertion. Typical rightwing bigotry.

Mike Hawk said...


To answer your dumb ass question.

Because the h.s. drop-out rate is so friggen' high in
inner-city high schools in the Baltimore MSA.

gruaud,ferschitz, and Hooray4US will now come back and argue
that the DREADED/EVIL White man forces the blacks to drop-out
of high school....ha ha ha


Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Links or stats and other assertions are complete utter bullshit.

Links or it's not true and gtfo.

Anonymous said...

Well, geez, Mike. You're a pervert, a plagiarist and a racist. We totally get that. What the fuck else were you going to say?

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