Fw: Women veterans....

date:4 September 2015 at 10:24
subject:Fw: Women veterans....

God bless them for their efforts and loss .    We never hear about this from the media.
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We see lots of pictures of wounded male veterans. Did you ever see a picture of wounded female veterans? Here is one.


gruaud said...

"We never hear about this from the media."

That is demonstrably false.

But the main takeaway for me is that this never had to happen to these courageous women, but the neocons and a complicit press prevailed. And, when proven wrong about EVERYTHING, they doubled down and beat the war drums even harder.

CharlieE said...

If you sign up for the military today, you KNOW that you won't be defending the U.S., but will instead be going to other countries and engaging in Republican wars of choice.

It's not a secret.

So why do Republicans worship the people who choose to do this? Particularly when they're not interested in funding the medical care these people will require?

Randall said...

They are not veterans and they are not U.S. Citizens, they are trying to raise awareness for amputees that cannot afford prosthetic limbs, but that does not stop RWD from spreading misinformation. When will snopes get lumped in with the "liberal media"?


Mike Hawk said...

The gal on the far R has a nice big BOOTY like J-Lo.

I wonder if she is Latina like J-Lo....then she'll undoubtedly be voting for The Donald in 2016!!!! wooooo-hooooo ;-)

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

it's fake

Agent86 said...

Aaaaannnd there's the resident troll with his usual drooling slobberfest of mentally challenged and sophomoric buffoonery. Like clockwork.

LiberalGunner said...

I'd be willing to bet most of the prosthetics were bought by charities which should not exist if we took care of our veterans.

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