Fw: Fwd: This is how you wheel 'n deal.

date:27 September 2015 at 07:47
subject:Fw: Fwd: This is how you wheel 'n deal.

Subject: FW: This is how you wheel 'n deal.
If at an impasse, he will Trump them!

Subject: This is how you wheel 'n deal.

When Trump purchased and rebuilt Mar-A-Lago, the grand mansion and estate in Palm Beach, Florida, he got into a dispute with the city fathers who
are well known for being strict on zoning regulations. Trump put up a
50-foot flag pole even though 30 feet is the maximum allowed.  The city
imposed a $1,000 per day fine while Trump and city argued back and
fourth. Finally, when the fine had reached a total of $120,000 Trump
proposed a solution.  He would donate that amount to veteran's
organizations, would move the flag to a different spot in front of the
mansion, and would only use a 30 foot flag pole. The city agreed so
Trump brought in the company that does his golf course construction, had them build a 20-foot high grassy hill, and put the 30-foot flag pole on top of that.

Wonder how the “deal” with Iran would look with this guy managing the “negotiations”?
God Bless America!


gruaud said...

The deal with Iran is a huge foreign policy success. No one died.

The media and the GOP have only one reaction to anything foreign: war.

Always war; never, ever diplomacy.

CharlieE said...

Wonder how the “deal” with Iran would look with this guy managing the “negotiations”?

I guess that would depend on what the five other countries involved in the negotiations had to say about it.

ferschitz said...

The rightwing is really pushing the meme that if you're a white allegedly Christiany Republican (being male is a plus but even the ladyparts can join in), you don't have to follow US law anymore. Just make up your own laws, and if those terrible activist LIEbrul judges (appointed by GOP Pres) happen to tell you to obey standard US laws, why just start a GoFundMe for bigot buck$ and make a martyr of yourself.

Laws are for the dreadful mentally ill LIEbruls who insist that everyone, you know, simply follow US Laws (how quaint and mentally ill of them). The PD has the go-ahead to just stone cold murder the blahs and dirty messicans at will.

Hooray4US said...

So these chumps are meant to believe that Trump flipping the bird at his super rich neighbors in Floriduh (did this even happen?) is the very definition of the mad negotiatin skillz needed for dealing with what the TeaTardz see as super dangerous Terroriss!!11! & other booga booga scary scary fear fear enemies.

Wow. Just Wow.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how the “deal” with Iran would look with this guy managing the “negotiations”

So... what? Trump's going to plant a US flag on a 50 pole in Tehran?

That's show 'em!

Mike Hawk said...

Trump is the V. Putin of America!!!!!!! Oh yea!


Don't fuck with Trump!!!!!!

Mike Hawk

P.S. - He'll also send back all those greasy Syrian refugees coming to the USA on day 1 of his presidency! Take that you fokin' Muslims.

Mike Hawk said...

No, "anon" above.

But look at what's happening in Syria right now with V. Putin taking the bull by the horns. Getting sand kicked in their faces are Barry the Pot Smoking Liberal wimp and John "Long Face" Kerry....this can happen when you draw a red line and do nothing when it is crossed...

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

My Cock has a super gay boner about Vladimir Putin? Who didn't see that one coming?

Anonymous said...

Rightwing think tanks send out Putin propaganda that is similar in kind to Obama propaganda. One day, Putin is the terribulest worstest most horriblest dictator who all good conservatives should hate. The next day, conservatives are directed to fawn all over manly naked Putin, who's such a way better leader than Obama ever could be.

Mike Hawk said...


Vladimir Putin is a TYRANT, but he is a leader.

Obama is not a leader, by any stretch of the imagination.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Only Tyrants or Dictators are "leaders" according to conservatives.

If you're diplomatic and negotiate solutions without bullying, hostile aggression, murdering, torturing and war, then you're a wimp and not a leader.

Yeah, we get it that's what conservatives are heavily propagandized to believe... thanks to your highly compensated overlords in the Military Industrial complex. Way to go, shit fer brainz.

Anonymous said...

"Vladimir Putin is a TYRANT, but he is a leader."

How can you be so ridiculously childish? How?

Is this what the authoritarian personality boils
down to with the intellectually weakest of you?

'He murdered millions but at least the trains ran
on time.'

You are a sick, sad person.

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