Fw: Fwd: Muslims........View this Video

Subject: Muslims........View this Video

Everyone  in America needs to watch this. 
As a matter of fact, everyone in the  free world needs to watch it:


CharlieE said...

Some dood named "Wild Bill" tells us what's what about Islam:

ISIS is comprised of bad people.
ISIS is comprised of Muslims.

...therefore, all Muslims are bad people.

It's deep, insightful stuff.

gruaud said...

He's a logician magician, that one.

Agent86 said...

Paraphrasing - "Obama is trying to bring as many Muslims into the US as possible. Gee, wonder what could go wrong there. ....blah blah.... suspicious of the Obama administration and the Liberal media...blah blah."

Translation: "The Uppity Blackity Black Usurper in Chief is bringing in more of his fellow Mooslins to burn down our churches and synagogues, set up Sharia Courts and Law, kill our babies and rape our women! Get yer guns and ammo ready to fight!!"

What a bunch of tools....

ferschitz said...

Can't be bothered to go there. Thanks for info, which is the same old same old another day ending in "y" in rightwing loon-land.

They seem to have moved on from FEMA Camps!!!11!!!11!!! But the white supremacy continues apace.

Mike Hawk said...


How bout we import a few Mooooooozlinz into your neighborhood and put one family of Moooooozlinz on one side of your house, and another Mooooooozlin family on the other side of your house? You can be the ham/meat in the middle of the ham sandwich (err...nope, can't be...Moooooooozlins won't go anywhere near ham/meat).

My bad....cancel that scenario, pal! :-(

How about we put gruaud and ferschitz on either side of your house? I know, I know....just a friggen' bad!!!!

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

*just as friggen' bad!!!

Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

Once again, Mike Hawk responds to legitimate, thoughtful comments on the topic at hand by attacking those who posted them.

gruaud said...

No worries.

For an insult to draw even a drop of blood, I have to respect my opponent. Why on Earth would I respect a plagiarist?

ferschitz said...

I have Muslim neighbors now (really). They're nice people and good neighbors.

I much prefer having them as neighbors than the f*ckwitted rightwingers down the block (really).

Randall said...

I'm with ferschitz, I have several Muslim neighbors. (Refugees from Somalia and a guy from Iran.) They are pretty neighborly, say "hi" and wave to me if I am out working on my car or doing lawn work. They keep their yard clean and their houses looking nice.

They look and dress different than me but somehow that does not keep me up at night.

In addition can someone tell my right-wing neighbor to get his broken down rusted pickup off his yard?

Mike Hawk said...

As to ferschitz's comment above: Can you say "projection"???

As to Randall's comment above: How do you know that they are Moooooozlinz? Remember, not all Arabs are Muslim, and not all Muslims are Arab.

As far as your neighbors "not keeping you up at night"....perhaps it's all that wanking you're doing to Internet porn? Dunno.

As far as your right-wing neighbor who has his broken down rusted pickup on his yard.....tough shit, Randall. Unless your neighborhood has a covenant against this, your pretty much SOL. And, shit dude, I picture you as the type of lefty asshole who would pick up the phone and call Code Enforcement on the rightwinger. You dipshit LIBERAL WEENIES seem to hold such contempt for rightwingers, that you'd be chomping at the bit to get this guy fined by your local county. No?



Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure. It's people who are leftists or Democrats who see ALL people from the ME as Muslims. Yeah, right, that's liberals for you. All the rightwingers totally "get" that everyone from the ME is not a Muslim and never ever get confused about that.

Talk about Alice through the Looking Glass... opposite world.

Anonymous said...

" You dipshit LIBERAL WEENIES seem to hold such contempt for rightwingers"

It's contempt richly deserved.

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