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Subject: U.S. / Mexico border patrol checkpoint

Short video from last July …


CharlieE said...

Video runs 57 seconds. Guy drives through the US-Mexico border checkpoint. A conversation ensues:

Agent: How many people?
Driver: Just me.
Agent: US citizen?
Driver: Does it matter?
Agent: Not anymore, unfortunately.

I'm sure there's a point to this video, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.

If it doesn't matter if he's a citizen or not, why did the agent ask?

As an aside, the issue of immigration is one I've just never been able to get worked up about. I think people ought to be able to live anywhere they like, without requiring permission from the Nanny State.

Of course, Big Government Loving Republicans hate the idea of someone being able to make a decision for themselves without government interference....while constantly talking about how much they hate government.

And Mike Hawk will ask why I think anyone gives a shit what I think about immigration.

Yep, it's another day.

Mike Hawk said...

LMAO - Redneck truck driver:"But does it really matter?"

Border Patrol Agent: "Not anymore"

That lil' interaction right there sums it up quite well, unfortunately.

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...


Thanks CharlieE for the summary. I have an answer. This American Life had a program about this issue of being asked if you're a citizen at border checkpoints. This radio program focused more on checkpoints that are not at the US/Mex border but are further inland - sometimes very far away from the border in Southwestern states (CA, AZ, NM).

The program featured some citizens who routinely have to drive through these inland checkpoints, for ex, on the way to/from work. They're fed up with being constantly stopped and asked if they are US citizens. Hence, they have been protesting this.

For allegedly "libertarian-y" types like RWD sometimes professes to be, this is considered invasive and overstepping govt boundaries.

There's a number of sites on the Internet that have info about this situation.



Do your own research from here. Per usual RWD gives next to no info and absolutely no context for this... making it look like the horrible hoards of Mexicans are being given free reign to surge into our lily white land of fabulousness. That's not accurate.

For all you so called "Libertarian" conservatives out there - you may need to reconsider this video in broader context.

Oh wait... RWD can only handle one issue at a time, and he must be able to see everything simplistically through a lens bigotry. Perish the thought that RWD would, you know, do some research... he can only look at what some rightwing source directs him to look at.

gruaud said...

Illegal immigration is the fucking LEAST of your worries.

ferschitz said...

I just watched the video, and as I suspected, this was NOT at the actual Tex/Mex border. It's one of the inland border checkpoints.

I cannot verify, but one of the comments had this to say:

FACT CHECK: The Sierra Blanca station is located in Texas along I-10 and is actually an interior checkpoint. This checkpoint is NOT A BORDER CROSSING, they are already in the US. It's main purpose is to control drug and human trafficking.

So, Libertarians: is it better or worse if these inland patrols don't force you to "identify" your citizenship? Does it really matter if you don't have to do so?

I guess such patrols provide jobs for US citizens anyway.

Thx 4 Fish said...

This is actually a border patrol checkpoint within the US. The BP has these checkpoints on all highways going away from border cities at around 60 miles from the border.

I believe the exchange here is in reference to the large number of Mexican truck drivers who are now allowed to drive into the US with their loads. This is a fairly recently approved part of NAFTA. The teamsters have been fighting this. Of course for MRWD none of this matters.

I've been through the border check points many, many times - in a car. They are friendly but never casual with us about citizenship--ever. They routinely question my Hispanic-looking son about his citizenship, whether he is naturalized and have even requested his passport when he didn't answer clearly. So maybe citizenship of truck drivers doesn't matter, but that's not the case for the rest of us.

Hooray4US said...

Although it's impossible to tell for sure, I suspect the truck driver is white. That's probably why he got through so easily. Plus it's likely his truck, like the FedEx truck ahead of him (which went through quickly), was a truck from a US company.

I have Hispanic friends who have indicated that they are routinely questioned and sometimes forced to provide documents, like drivers licenses and such. I've been quickly sent through similar border checkpoints inside the US, but I am white and have a somewhat more recent model car.

Ever hear of racial profiling? I usually benefit from that, which means that others endure the opposite side of profiling.

Agent86 said...

Hmm....so let's see. A bunch of white guys want to post videos of them exercising their rights to refuse to answer the questions, however I just bet they bitch a moan about illegals and expect those [insert racially charged tag here] (but not 'dusky-hued' which is known to set off a firestorm of straw man arguments from the resident troll(s)) to answer the question, provide papers, etc because THEY might be illegal. There's a term for that....just escapes me at the moment.

Mike Hawk said...


Again, there's approximately 13 to 14 million "lily white" Mexicans in Mexico.

Ignorance is bliss....Seesh.

Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...


You obviously have a reading comprehension problem which judging from looking back at your posts here started at a young age. I said do not use "dusky-hued" as one of the epithets for just the reason you bring up. On a side note I think you've been discovered:


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