FW: Fw: Monica

date:Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 1:29 PM
subject:Fwd: FW: Monica

Subject: FW: Fw: Monica
Monica Lewinsky story...

After a relaxing bath, Monica Lewinsky was looking at herself in a mirror naked
...remembering her time with Bill Clinton .

Her frustration over her inability to lose weight was depressing her.
In an act of desperation, she decided to call on God for help...

"God, if you take away my love handles, I'll devote my life to you," she prayed.

And just like that, her ears fell off!

Touching story, isn't it?


Mike Hawk said...


Monica "Linguistic" Lewinsky = Fat Jew

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Don't you get tired of being an idiot?

Agent86 said...

That one's actually pretty funny. Sad that the only thing the rubes on the Right can seem to attack Hillary on is Billy's indiscretions. Just shows they're ignorant of the real reasons they shouldn't vote for her. I bet 9 out of 10 could not give you three good reasons. Their definition of a good reason is "She's a Democrat!". Hint there MF'ers...there's really not that big a difference between the parties, you're just being played like a Stradivarius.

What's going to be funny to watch is if by some miracle, the Repubs can belly up a real candidate, win the POTUS and then do what they do best...initiate proven failed fiscal policies, the economy goes into a deeper recession/depression, more people go on welfare and $10 says their response will be "It's Obama's fault!"

ferschitz said...

This is actually a very very old "joke." I'm serious when I say that I now feel sorry for Lewinsky, who has not had the easiest time of it. Her paramour has managed to rack up million$, whilst Lewinsky has become the USA's official Hester Prynne forevermore forced to wear that scarlet letter. It has resulted in lost job opportunities for Lewinsky, amongst other consequences.

Isn't it interesting how the female in the adulterous situation is the one who is made to suffer, whilst the male doesn't pay the same high price or bear a similar consequence.

Just saying...

Ditto what Agent86 said.

Mike Hawk said...

Hell, the last time Shrillery got laid was when she and Slick Willy created
Chelsea (the good-looker).

Since then, Hillary has amassed a huge amount of cob webs on her love box.

That family is pretty much messed up.....right up there with the hicks from
Alaska...the Palins.

Mike Hawk

gruaud said...

No, there is a distinct difference between the two parties.

One is a bunch of moderately conservative, triangulating chickenshits who occasionally do really good and a lot of times fail and many times sell out. They're politicians for fuck's sake. But the party also has a tiny minority that I agree with and who fight for us, not the billionaires.

The other bunch is radically extremist, John Birch society influenced, in thrall to the billionaires, racist, homophobic, mysogynistic, anti-democratic process, batshit fucking paranoid insane.

I don't really have to do the math for you, do I? Because if they can buy and lock up the SCOTUS, Citizens United is forever. And that is the end of the Republic.

Too much at stake to throw your vote away.

Anonymous said...

Did Monica swallow Bill's jism or did she remove his penis from her mouth at the brink of orgasm and let him spurt on her dress?

In other words, is she a swallower?

Those two had no fucking respect for the Oval Office. Two horny pigs with no class and no morals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was very classy, anon. And your morals are sterling, too. You must be related to Ken Starr.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't those two kinky pigs get a room?

I mean, having oral sex and inserting a cigar in the girl's vagina inside the Oval Office is pretty damn disrespectful to the office and the American people.

Anybody who would condone such vulgar behavior inside the Oval Office by the POTUS has more issues than National Geographic Magazine.

Nasty mother fuckers.

Get a room.

CharlieE said...


Those two had no fucking respect for the Oval Office

Like the Republicans who pass around images of President Obama as a witch doctor? Or the Republicans who claim that President Obama hates America and wants to put the country under martial law? Or the Republicans who urged Iran not to negotiate with our sitting president?

Yeah, I hate it when people have no fucking respect for the Oval Office.

Thx 4 Fish said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why didn't those two kinky pigs get a room?"

Who is more kinky, the persons engaging in the activity, or the persons still crudely obsessing about it over 15 years later? Anon Anon I think you should get a room.

gruaud said...

Anon is just the plagiarist troll again.

I think there are 5 or 6 regulars here and then 10 iterations of this knucklehead; some named, the rest anonymous.

Hooray4US said...

Agree with gruaud. Someone is debauched & truly weird, and I'm not talking about either Bill or Monica.

Agent "I'm not Mike's Alt" 86 said...

His writing style is a dead giveaway. That's probably how he got bagged plagiarizing that post.

Mike' style - crude, incoherent, straw man, deflection, ad hominem

Plagiarized post - insightful, thoughful and cogent.

Mike Hawk said...

gruaud states: "too much at stake to throw your vote away"....

Again...I repeat...YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT one iota at the presidential level. If you're really dumb enough to think it does, then I got a prime lot on the Okeefenookee Swamp to sell ya, pal.

Your vote on local amendments and/or candidates is more likely to count for something...I'll concede that much.

gruaud, you're being played out there in LIBERAL San Fran, my man.

Wake up you lil' puff ball sheep.

Mike Hawk

gruaud said...

Who would listen to a proven liar, troll?

I certainly wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Well then gruaud, perhaps you should take heed of some of your own idiotic posts, as they are applicable to you too, pal.

Just sayin'.

gruaud said...

Ah, that touched a nerve, didn't it?


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