Fwd: FW: Things I trust more than I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

date:Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 2:49 PM
subject:Fwd: FW: Things I trust more than I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

Subject: FW: Things I trust more than I trust more than Hillary Clinton:
Things I trust more than I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

* Mexican tap water
* A rattlesnake with a "pet me" sign
* OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
* A fart when I have diarrhea
* An elevator ride with Ray Rice
* Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
* Michael Jackson's Doctor
* A Palestinian on a motorcycle
* Gas station Sushi
* A Jimmy Carter economic plan
* Loch Ness monster sightings
* Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton 


Mike Hawk said...

A fart when I have diarrhea?

Dang.....talk about a STICKY situation.


Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

OK, so this particular RWD seems to have trust issues. Sounds like something that should be referred to a medical professional, rather than something that needs to be broadcast to the public at large.

gruaud said...

'Gas Station Sushi'

Now how would the party of family values hypocrites know about this one?

Maybe David Vitter or Mark Foley can explain.

ferschitz said...

Typically doesn't explain why Hillary Clinton is less trustworthy than any of these things. Goes without saying displays usual rightwing bigotry & racism. Skatalogical "humor" definitely exhibits 5th grade boy (or is it 2d grade) mental/psychological/emotional development level.

gruaud said...

I read an article by Marty Kaplan on Alternet that said the GOP playbook on Hillery is to attack her for her 'Clinton dishonesty'. Said the guys who lied us into the Iraq clusterfuck.


Hooray4US said...


Thanks, gruaud. I'll check it out later. My minor quibble with alternet (or the author of the post) is that it became impossible to take the GOP seriously quite a long time ago. Time to catch up with reality. Of course, one can canvass the 'net and see loads of photos of the Republikkkan KKKlown KKKar family values crowd hanging out with that known pedophile & expert on family values, Josh Duggar... but we should all "forgive" Josh for the horrible period HE has been through. Duly noted that the family values crowd could give a stuff about the little girls that Duggar raped and molested. But hey, that's the KKKlown KKKar for ya.

We have seen here endless repetition of the same old same old tired, outdated, fact-free, tedious supposedly "rightwing" (are they even rightwing? much less conservative?) talking points and nonsensical bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia ad nauseum. None of it makes much sense. The bulk is fact-free hyperbole and ad hominem attacks.

Commenters here have often noted that so-called "conservatives" could easily attack Democrats/the leftwing/progressives/whatever with factual info and have a good logical argument against the "other" side. Yet time and again all we see is sub-juvenile nasty attacking diatribes that basically add up to: nyah nyah nyah you lefties/Dems are stinky poo-poos.

It would be one thing if one could engage in a rational discussion with conservatives, but - even excepting the boring moronic troll - the few times we've had real conservatives comment here, their posts just dwindle into attacks, slurs and diatribes.

Unfortunate. Sinking to the lowest common denominator seems very attractive to a significant portion of the populace who prefer to be told who to hate each day (just because!) and why they should be ever vigilant and fear-fear-fearful of the dastardly "other."

As Porky the Pig famously said: ba de ba de ba dee that's all folks!

Agent86 said...


You shouldn't use the words "conservative" and "rational" in the same sentence. There has to be a period between the two words somewhere.

Hooray4US said...

Agent86: I am old enough to remember a time when conservative and rational weren't a contradiction in terms. I refer to what was once called the "green eye shade" conservative, who truly was fiscally conservative. Frankly, that notion - of someone being truly frugal and watchful over a budget - is ridiculous now with either branch of the UniParty. All either branch wants to do is spend spend spend spend spend on a credit card and indebt (is that a correct term) our grandkids, great grandkids, etc. But hey: who cares, as long *I* get what I am told that I want.

So-called "conservatives" - or really the 1% funding these yutzes - make out that the USG budget is in "debt" due to poor people and all the alleged financial hand outs they get. Not even close.

The issue is the endless giant sucking amount$ spend on war without end, all of which, imo, has been drummed up/ginned up courtesy of the Alphabet Spooks and the Military Industrial complex.

These days, both so-called "leftwing" voters and "rightwing" voters appear to have no problem throwing valuable tax dollars at the insanely wealthy in the name of murder and mayhem globally... and in the false notion that somehow it keeps US citizens "safe."

But it's ok to bail out the thieving greedy bankers, the wall street crooks and hustlers, permit the hedge fund bandits to pay no taxes because... because... because... they have taken over our govt and write the legislation and buy off the thieves in the USG (in all branches).

But let's waste our time and minds whining, vetching and complaining about the "n" words & "illegals" who are supposedly living large at US taxpayer expense. IF ONLY....

The national conversation truly was not always so debased. We have Richard Nixon & Lee Atwater (and then later Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh) to thank for the Southern Strategy, which has led us to this sorry state. Ugh. So yes, nowadays rational and conservative do not belong in the same sentence. But that gets back to what I said: are these viewpoints even "conservative"??? What do these labels even mean anymore? Such a waste... feh.

Anonymous said...

I trust Bill with an expensive pussy-soaked cigar more than I trust Shrillary Rodham Clinton.

Anonymous said...

As opposed to who in the GOP clown car?

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