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Subject: Watch "Christians Under Attack" on Fox News with Franklin Graham

 Special news report on the Middle East from Samaritan's Purse. |
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Dear Friends,

In recent weeks and months one of our major prayer focuses in the Global Prayer Room has been for the Middle East, asking for the Lord's power and presence to break in particularly upon Syria, Israel, Egypt, and Iraq.

We encourage you to watch the Fox News special report tomorrow night on Christians Under Attack, focusing on the persecution of Christians in Iraq and the devastating suffering they are enduring at the hands of the Islamic Sate of Iraq and Syria. The report airs Saturday, August 16, at 7pm Eastern, and features Franklin Graham. Please see his email below.

In these days, let's join in prayer for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh; for protection, strength, hope, and practical help for persecuted believers; and for the salvation of Muslims around the world.
If you would like to give to help the persecuted Iraqi Christians, please
visit our website >

Until He comes,
Mike Bickle

Dear Friend,
Tomorrow night, I will appear with Greta Van Susteren on CHRISTIANS UNDER ATTACK, a special that will air at 7 p.m. Eastern on the Fox News Channel. I'm encouraging everyone to watch this important program that will shine the spotlight on how those who bear the Name of Christ are suffering around the world.
 In Iraq, a terrorist organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is threatening Christians with death if they don't convert to Islam. In Iran, Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned for nearly two years because of his faith. In Sudan, President Omar Al Bashir continues to wage war on Christians living in the Nuba Mountains.

 These are just a few of the places around the world where believers are being persecuted in growing numbers.
Greta has been a frequent advocate of Samaritan's Purse on her program and on her blog, GretaWire. She has reported on our work in northern Iraq, North Korea, South Sudan, Haiti, and Alaska. I appreciate her now calling the world's attention to this vital issue.
Please be sure and watch the program, and pray for persecuted believers around the world. If you won't be home, please record it and watch later.
May God bless you,

Franklin Graham
President, Samaritan's Purse


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ferschitz said...

Don't get me started on a rant about the execrable racist bigoted Graham family famed for fleecing the rubes right and left in the name of Christ.

Christians under attack - eh? Yeah, right. Black sheep Franklin, noted for doing drugs and various other shenanigans in his past, bellied right up to the trough once he got into his 30s. Guess Daddy Billy learned him a thing or 2 about how much money was to be made in this Chritiany bidniss. Plus extra big bonuses for doing the bidding of the 1%.

Let's just leave it at that. There are some issues with Samritan's Purse, but I won't go there now. Not enough time. Main thing is that this is all & only about trying to force people to give up their faith (or lack thereof) and come to Jesus before they will be helped. Bah humbug.

Greta Van Susteren looks like Michael Jackson's twin anymore and is a whore for the 1%.

Mr_Creosote said...

For Mr Graham and all fundamentalist christians.

Short and sweet, because it's really simple:

There is NOTHING preventing christians from following their religion in church or home. NOTHING. THE US isn't, wasn't, will never be a theocracy. For you simpletons that means your religion DOES NOT set public policy. Now BLEEP off!

Hooray4US said...

Franklin Graham hired by Rupert Murdoch & possibly funded by others in the 1% to be a Fear-monger. Ginning up the Christiany rubes in their favorite past-time of pretending that they are under dire threat from the dreaded Muslim hoards.

If Muslims are truly out to "get" Christians (which, mostly, they aren't), then one may ask why so? Something that these Christiany types never ever do, as they sit and nod their dittoheads slavishly at every word uttered on Fox by shills like Graham & Van Susteren.

Why is there so much War in the Middle East? Well, why did the USA wage War on countries like Iraq that had nothing to do with 9/11 in any way.

I'll end there except to say that this is pernicious propaganda, and it's no coincidence that Fox is airing this lying b.s. now with the current situation in Iraq with ISIS (likely armed, trained and organized by the CIA and the US MIC).

Wake up sheeples because you're paying a very high price to be manipulated by creeps like Graham and Van Susteren.

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