FWD: Hillary's security detail

Subject: Hillary's security detail


gruaud said...

"The absence of any evidence is itself evidence!"

ferschitz said...

I will not vote for HRC, but it's my recollection that the Republican led House voted down funding for the Security at certain foreign service offices.

Neat-o shifting of that blame, but what else is new? It's the same lying crap that rightwingers indulge themselves in with the VA and kicking out Shinseki. The rightwing led Congress & Senate have consistently voted to cut funding to the VA, to Vets and for active duty Military, but when ye olde shite hits the fan, why boy howdy: blame it on alleged "Democrats."

It's called the District of Criminals Kabuki Show.

As long as rightwingers buy into this crap, the ongoing gridlock, inefficiencies, etc, will continue. Wake up sheeples...

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