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Latest update a friend received from his friend in Israel!!
it gives you the idea what is really going on without the liberal news
media bias..

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*Everything ok here –a couple of sirens , into the security bomb shelter, *

*stay the mandatory 8-10 minutes and then pop out again and try to pick up
where we left off.*

*Not so easy *

*But we are glued to the radio and all the TV are on in every room just in
case a new piece of news is aired and to hear if we suffered any more

*Our local news reporter  just filed a 25 minute report from within  Gaza
accompanying the brigade commander as they went from post to post and we
could clearly see that almost in every house there was atunnel opening,
hidden explosives, mines, rig's, rocket launchers outside etc. – almost in
every civilian home*

*He pointed out a command center –abandoned by hamas with plasma screens
that were fed by cameras focused on the border fence tracking every IDF

*Today, the IDF doesn't take chances -  find a booby-trapped house or
getting fired on from a house- (and we lost 3 paratroopers who entered a
booby-trapped home and were killed- , they call in the massive D-9
caterpillar tractors- huge monsters, with heavily armored plates and they
just push the house down, burying anyone inside and setting off explosives*

*They have engaged terrorists and killed them all –in fact Hamas has lost
hundreds of its fighters, many buried alive under houses and in their own
tunnels, and many are giving themselves up*

*They have found dead hamas terrorists in the tunnels  – you could say in 3
versions for want of a better word ;*

·        *Fighters- heavily armed and in IDf uniforms*

·        *Suicide bombers- with bomb vests on them*

·        *Large or heavy set Hamas people- why? Because they were meant to
be ones to kidnap either live or dead Israelis and carry them back in the
tunnels into Gaza-. They trained especially just for this task. *


*And the destruction is awesome- sewgiya, khan unis, -are almost leveled to
the ground- just like what the IDF did to Nasrallah in the Dacha. Warnings
were given to residents to evacuate – and over 100,000 did just that. But
others either did not heed or could not –as hamas leveled weapons at them
forcing them to stay – and therefore they unfortunately pad the price. It's
always the question of intent. They target our civilian cities just for the
purpose to inflict death. We target hamas strongholds in civilian areas who
are using residents and their homes as shields.*

*Not to mention ambulances filled with ammunition and explosives .*

*But we also paid a high price - 43 soldiers and officers- many of them
high ranking as they lead their forces into battle - in other armies this
does not occur – died and it is hard to accept. But the calls from within
the home front is to carry on*

*The news of the tunnels are headliners and you are going to fall off your
seat when i tell you*

·        *31-33 attack tunnels were known to exist –heading towards
The intelligence knew about them and the answers as to why will have to be
given after the war is over.*

·        *They uncovered 31 and have destroyed 16 of them and no matter
whether there's a ceasefire or not –these  have to be destroyed. We said
before that their purpose was the mega hit over Rosh Hashanah 2014 with
them emerging from 31 tunnels with thousands of fighters and slaughtering
Jews. A miracle that we entered the campaign today and not after September.*

·        *Smuggling tunnels were in the hundreds but are of no significance
to us as Egypt dealt with them and destroyed – they say –over 90% of them
as their openings were in Egypt.*

·        *But the city under the city is the big news. We knew they had an
extensive tunnel system but we know hear that there are 5000- yes 5000
administrative, or command or logistical, communication tunnels
crisscrossing Gaza allowing hamas free movement underground almost all
across the Strip. I think it may bealmost of the same proportion as what
the Vietcong had during the Vietnam war. Where was the soil put. Mostly in
green houses and in house basements where the drones could not penetrate   *

*So to sum it up till now:*

·        *3700 hamas targets attacked sine the operation began*

·        *2600 during the ground offensive*

·        *350 command centers of hamas destroyed*

·        *Over 300 hamas terrorists killed- and more still under the
rubble. Hamas tries to take the bodies away before we get to them*

·        *IDF has used over 100 tons of explosive to explode the tunnels so

·        *The air force struck at 80 targets over the weekend*

·        *Hamas has fired over 938 rockets since the fighting began*

·        *180 intercepted by Iron dome – the rest in open spaces and few
scored direct hits*

·        *We have lost 43 of our solders and 124 are in hospital, 1
mortally wounded and 1 still missing*


·        *Kerry tried but has it all wrong . He just doesn’t seem to
understand the middle east mentality*

·        *He tried to put forward a proposal that was virtually a copy of
the Qatar and Turkish proposal giving hamas almost all that they wanted
with no mention of Israel's defense needs or allowing us to destroy the
tunnels during the ceasefire*

·        *Israel rejected it and the only one real one with any chance of
success is Egypt's proposal*

·        *There have been 3 attempts at ceasefire – we accepted but hamas
breached it each time*

·        *Hamas asked for the lasts ceasefire- a sign of weakness or
desperation? –who knows- in any case it was for 24 hours to allow the
residents to stock up for the Idle fit festival in 24 hour's time.*

·        *It didn’t take 45 minutes for hamas to open up with a rocket
barrage again*

·        *So in essence there is no ceasefire*

·        *As for the residents coming out of the camps to pick up
belongings from their homes in segiya or khan unis (major hamas
strongholds) was a waste of time as there was nothing for them to return to*

·        *They are openly accusing hamas for what is going on but cannot do
anything for fear of death*

·        *Haniyeh is still underground and doesn’t quite know what awaits

·        *Mashal is still on his tread mill sweating hard but only from
exertion,  but will regain his composure after  a good gourmet meal at the
Qatar Hilton – could not resist it*

·        *Muhammad Def. is still controlling hamas and he doesn’t care as
he has lost 2 legs, is in a wheelchair, and lost the use of 1 arm but is
determined to fight tile the last Gaza resident*

·        *By the way the IDF says it knows where he is but it is too
complicated to get at him and the price of losing our soldiers is not worth
it . But we have al long memory and a long arm and his time will come.
There is a saying in Arabic-  "kol kelb b'dyomo " – loosely translated
–every dog has his day*

*So we carry on and see what happens overnight and tomorrow*

*More later*



gruaud said...

"it gives you the idea what is really going on without the liberal news media bias.."

Even when it's obvious propaganda?

ferschitz said...

The so-called "liberal news media bias" is brought to you by the American Israeli PAC (AIPAC).

Most of what I read/seen/heard in any of the major nooz media outlets, including NPR, has been completely, unabashedly & apparently unashamedly Pro-Israeli all the way, just as this b.s. utterly Pro-Israel screed is.

"But we also paid a high price - 43 soldiers and officers..."

"By July 31, around 1,400 Palestinians had been killed, mostly civilians, including hundreds of women and children. And three Israeli civilians. Large areas of Gaza had been turned into rubble. Four hospitals had been attacked, each another war crime."

The so-called "liberal media" can ONLY be found on the Internet. I would term it the Fact-based media, however.

I'm not even sure what this hogwash is supposed to represent. US citizens need to wake and smell the coffee that our tax dollars are used to support not only Apartheid in Israel, but now we are supporting the outright Genocide of Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Israel has been sucking Uncle Sam's teet so hard for so long that I'm amazed it hasn't fallen off....

Uncle Sam has been subsidizing the high standard of living in Israel....wake up sheeples.

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