Fwd: FW: Guess what this is

Subject: Guess what this is.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything!
Guess What This Is.
 No reason to stand on your feet waiting to get your welfare check.
Just put your flip-flops next in line and go back and sit on your butt and play games on your Obamaphone.
Is this a great country or what.?


Anonymous said...

Dollars to donuts this is not a "welfare office". Whatever it is, it seems pretty smart for people to do this in order to avoid needlessly standing in line.

I also see no phones in the picture. I guess that makes sense, since the "Obamaphone" is a myth anyway.

Anonymous said...

Nope! This is a picture of people forming a queue in Thailand.

Try again, RWD!


ferschitz said...

Guess What This Is.

A photo of Thai citizens in Thailand waiting in line for something or other.

Is this a great country or what.?

I have been to Thailand several times, and it is a "great country," and Thai citizens are very nice people.

Q: Why do rightwingers need to know about Thai citizens waiting in line somewhere?? Albeit, I agree with a comment, above, that these Thai citizens seem to rather smart about using their flip-flops as place markers in line.

gruaud said...

Another question that comes to mind is why conservatives seem so addicted to lies -- the more outrageous the whopper, the better. "PASS THIS ON TO YOUR LISTS!!" I used to be on those lists. Strangely, I'm not anymore.

Do they take a perverse pride in it? Are they that gullible? Do they really buy into the ideological agenda of their billionaire overlords?

Because, let's face it: if the real hopes and dreams of the Kochs, Adelman, the Waltons, etc were exposed, these creeps would be about as popular as ass-cancer.

And nobody, but NOBODY, is a better reflexive liar than a CEO. I learned that lesson years ago.

Anonymous said...

Why are we giving Obamaphones to people in Thailand now!!11!!1!

This madness must end!1

Hooray4US said...

Apparently, Obama is a secret Muslim, who cannot travel with his dog. However, secret Muslim Obama is also well-known to have been trained to be a secret Muslim at a Madrasa in Indonesia, where Obama routinely ate dogs. I guess it's ok for Muslims, secret or otherwise, to eat dogs; Allah said: just don't travel with them.

With me so far?

Ok. So all good conservatives know that Indonesia is "over there somewhere." And that's close to Thailand, right?

So, clearly, secret Muslim Obama cleverly decided to randomly hand out super expensive ObamaPhones to Buddhists in Thailand.

It. All. Makes. Sense!!!111!!!

What a fiendish dastardly Dictator the KenyanNaziMuslim Usurper is.

Is this a Great Country or what.? Pass it on to Everyone you Know.! Before the Dictator Obama has it wiped off the Internet.!!11!!111!!!!

CharlieE said...


What a fiendish dastardly Dictator the KenyanNaziMuslim Usurper is.

Well, at least he is today. Tomorrow, he'll be a feckless and inept former community organizer who's unqualified for the job of POTUS, in over his head, and so incompetent that he's incapable of tying his own shoes.

It varies from day to day, according to Right Wing needs.

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