Fwd: FW: Doctor Putin

Can't find the spine, either!

           Huummm, very little brain activity and the guts are missing.


gruaud said...

Not only is the Putin-love reaching new levels of the ridiculous, but the forward contains x-rated imagery.

Yeah, let's forward that one to grandma.

CharlieE said...

Which Obama is it? Perhaps the man on the left, being the dictator that many on the Right claim him to be, has ordered Putin to treat him.

ferschitz said...

heh... good comments.

My rightwing gym rat pals were ranting and tirading this weekend re Putin. The usual: BAD Putin, very very BAD... Putin is up to no good!!! Putin is creating USSR 2.0!!11!!! EEEEEK!!!11!!!

And then the rejoinder: Oh WOE is me!!11!! Who's going to STOP Bad Putin??11!!!111

It's really hard to figure out if we're supposed fawn all over manly Putin, hate Putin, fear Putin, wish Putin ill (or worse) or venerate him to the nth degree bc he's so much more *manly* than girly-man, Obama.

Scorecard, please.

Anoner said...

Who's the dude taking Obama's photo with a Smart Phone and why? Inquiring minds...

(yes, I know: bad photoshop)

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