Fw: Fwd: Stop picking on Obama..-check what he's done

Stop picking on Obama - check what he's done

From a Springfield, MO newspaper: 


CharlieE said...

I'm not sure which is worse - that someone believes that Obama has done such things, or that someone believes, given the Republicans' publicly stated intentions to obstruct President Obama at every opportunity, that it is even possible for Obama to have done such things.

gruaud said...

I think Mr. Kash's rancor is based on a dawning realization common with a lot of these RWFs: demographics in the US are changing, and to an elderly white male who bases worth on white superiority, not for the better.

And what really grinds their gears is that a black man (a black man!!!!!) occupies the White House. A sure sign of the apocalypse.

Obama destroys his America by merely existing.

ferschitz said...

Once again, though, we have the racist bat-sh*t bigoted cranky old white man cognitive dissonance on parade and totally laid out in this nasty diatribing insane letter to the editor.

Obama is BOTH the most dastardly evil villainously destructive Kenyan Usurper to have ever strode across the planet, wreaking havoc on everything that his eyes behold. Obama is all-powerful and has overridden any and all ability of Congress or the Supreme Court to do one thing to stop Obama's clear destructiveness.

And yet, he is also this girly-man who is clearly inferior to the somehow even more all-powerful, bare-chested (get your bromance on) Vlad Putin.

Of course, it boils down to this: Putin is a WHITE guy. Obama is an Uppity Blackity Black Black Black N-word.

Lost cause. The Southern Strategy has clearly worked well in brainwashing this fool.

ferschitz said...


Dear Mr. Kash,

What is your solution?

Disgusted by whining rightwingers who love playing victim of the universe

Thx 4 Fish said...

Must every RW forward contain as much falsehood as possible? This appeared in a Springfield, OR newspaper, not Springfield MO.

And what do they think the much-admired Putin would do to their beloved Constitution?

Bob said...



Anonymous said...

People, you're getting trolled. Notice the name should be pronounced, "raise our cash".

Anonymous said...

good catch!

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