Fwd: FW: Fat Fingers

A sensational parody.

Subject: FW: Fat Fingers


Anonymous said...

Oh No! Right Wing dad has discovered a five year old meme!

Guard your inboxes, folks.

gruaud said...

Hey Senator McConnell, do you think the Affordable Care Act is good for Republicans?


Yeah, that's what I thought.

Mr_Creosote said...

While I've suffered through plenty of non-political joke-ey type email fwds using this scene, it really is the RW that has co-opted the worst: I must have gotten two dozen fwds using this meme from the RW-ers I suffer through in life.

It's really a shame too, because the film itself is excellent: A fact that goes right over RW-ers heads, mostly because it's one a them furrin' movies. In fact, the times I actually did suggest to a few to watch the film, they flatly dismissed it with the wave of a hand because they don't like foreign movies with subtitles, or movies that aren't overtly jingoistic or escapist BS.

ferschitz said...

Well, like all the other 10 million Hitler in the Bunker videos that came out five years ago, this one is sort of funny just because. That said, my recollection is that the film company or producer or whomever had copyright on this film and threatened to prosecute the continuing use of this clip for this purpose.

So, good job, rightwingers, at breaking the law to make you silly "point." Hope the film company busts you.

Sheila said...

The government works for US! Not the other way around. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

Uphold the Constitution!

Kimberly said...

Its a known Fact that countries who control guns...have the worst crime rate.
And the worst government.


Anonymous said...

Bored troll is bored.

Hooray4US said...

bored troll is very boring, too.

Hitler in Bunker video is derivative. Figures.

Anoner said...

"A sensational parody."

Not like it's something that wasn't already done to death quite a few years ago or anything. Do wingers ride the short bus and need lots & lots of extra time?

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