Fwd: You Are Going To LOVE This!

Subject: Fwd: You Are Going To LOVE This!

You Are Going To LIKE This!


gruaud said...

We had our share of failures, like Afghanistan and Iraq

But win or lose, corporations reaped and we think they got our back

Now we have an astroturf we call the Tea Party

But it’s really just another name for the John Birch Society

ferschitz said...

Well I watched it so the rest of you don't have to bother. It's a very very dull & boring paean to how fabulous everything used to be back in the 50s.

Racist dog whistles - check
Sexist dog whistles - check
Homophobic whining - check
Anti-youth diatribing - check
Boring photos from the '50s - check

In terms of nostalgia for the purported good old days, this one is particularly stupid.

No doubt will appeal to the Dittoheads who have been carefully taught to feel totally victimized over everything.

Schitzengiggles said...

Ah nostalgia. I really pine for the days when we hunted for our food and amused ourselves by beating the shit out of each other with clubs and sticks. Time when you could drag a woman around by her hair like a real man. *sigh* Those were the good ol days.

- Sarcasm is the ability to insult morons without them realizing it -

Mr_Creosote said...

Hey you cranky reactionaries; you wanna go back to the 1950's?

Back to the top income tax rate of 91 percent?

Back when employee unionization was 35 percent?

Back when even GOP DDE ( Ike ) warned of the burgeoning military industrial complex?

What was that wingnuts? Can't here you.

I guess that's a no.

I guess what these curmedgeons want is 'Pleasantville' shctick, Victorian era economic policy, but with I-phones.

The Analog Kid said...


Nice. I say we start with giving them back the clunky corded phones in crappy colors, black and white TVs with 3 channels and 'rabbit ears', no PC, iPad or Kindle (or Walkman for that matter), no satellite radio, and thank God no Fox News.

Hooray4US said...

And no Rush Limpdick! Yeah, yeah: that's the ticket.

Plus Polio. Just what the doctor ordered, plus less medications to mitigate the problems.

Go for it, cranky white men! Shoo shoo go back there & leave the rest of us alone.

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