Fwd: FW: Democrats Brainstorm​ing

Need I say more!!!

Democrats brainstorming for the coming election.


Thx 4 Fish said...

Now I've got this disturbing image in my head. Thanks Right Wing!

gruaud said...

That is some pretty poor Human Centipede quality control right there.

ferschitz said...

This one might not be a photoshop. In which case, anyone wanna bet on the political affiliation of these guys?

CharlieE said...

Actually, that's a pretty fair assessment of how the Democrats function as a party.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have a pretty solid and consistent plan:

1. Do everything possible for the rich.
2. Screw everyone else.

It's not admirable, but it is focused and consistent.

ferschitz said...

Actually, CharlieE, I would say that the Democrats these days are pretty much following the same focused & consistent plan as the Republicans. The "two" parties both serve the 1%, alone. It's just that "both" parties serve as cover for each other.

Hence, the Rs appear focused & consistent in their absolute fealty to the 1%, whilst the Ds play the role of bumblers with their heads up their butts in order to serve their Masters in the 1%.

That's my take on it.

Vote what is incorrectly called "third" party bc neither the Ds or the Rs serve the needs of the 99% anymore, albeit the Ds will, on occassion (when absolutely pressed) enact something that helps the 99%, such as enabling gays to marry (which is good & the Rs would never do that). Otherwise, it's a wash.

Yesterday's SCOTUS decision that basically enables the 1% to openly BUY politicians has pretty much put paid to anything resembling "democracy" in the USA. Party politics serve only as a distraction from how the 1% have rigged the game to rip off the 99% whilst acting like belligerant bullies on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

Does it take more than that to beat a tea party candidate?

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