Fw: Fwd: 1 MINUTE ON THE HOUSE FLOOR!!Can't be said better!

Subject: Fwd: 1 MINUTE ON THE HOUSE FLOOR!!Can't be said better!

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Date: Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 10:36 AM
Subject: 1 MINUTE ON THE HOUSE FLOOR!!Can't be said better!

A Great roundup of how Dishonest and Illegal Obama and his administration really is!!! (Undisputable)
 Nothing new, but he sums it up very well.


Just click on the below URL for the hot topic

This Congressman sums it all up in ONE minute.
He really has guts, backbone or both!


Anonymous said...

Its like a RWF brought to life. So many right wing lies and so much fake anger packed into a measly minute. The only thing missing was the 48 point multi colored comic sans font.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in knowing more about this back bencher:


Highlights: Apparently he doesn't think the Supreme Court gets to decides what's constitutional or not.

ferschitz said...

Did this TeaTard get all shout-y about Obama's hot steamy gay sex? If not, then he's not a truely conservative Patriotic-y Amurkin!

Are any of the rightwingers upset about Obama's march to War with Syria? If they wanna talk Impeachment about that, I might be willing to deal.

Otherwise, fahgeddaboud the rest of the nonsense.

Anonymous said...



The only one WHO wants to start a WAR!


Tim said...


The guy is not only inexperienced, but he's a Liar, a Fraud, and could care less about this country!

Agree! IMPEACH HIS A$$ !!!

Anonymous said...

Y'know, far be it from me to try to ban people's political speech, no matter how idiotic, but it'd be nice if our troll had some sort of rate limiter. RWFs manage to cram ten completely separate rantsinto one e-mail; I'm sure he could fit all the voices into his head into one or two posts.

Sal said...

What's wrong "Anonymous", when someone isn't in agreeance with Your opinions and beliefs, you have nothing else but to belittle a person? Look in the mirror

gruaud said...


Hey Sal, read this and go look in your own mirror.


Jersy said...


They weren't profiling muslims associated with terrorists - or they would have Stopped the Bombings.

So who IS the Obama Regime spying on?
It would be the patriots, tea party members, bloggers,- any of their critics.

If you have muslims running around with bombs on their backs..of course we want them to monitor them, but noo.. only those who protest against Abortion, those who have a flag on their lawn.

AMERICA...this man in the WHITE HOUSE is NOT for AMERICA!

Obama should and Needs to be Impeached!

Anonymous said...

Obama has done more damage to this country than you could imagine.

He's hi-jacked the Patriot Act to punish his enemies..he has committed a criminal act and he has admitted he was involved with it.

He thinks he's so slick, but he gets caught with his lying, just watch him..anyone can tell he lies.

Anonymous said...

He's hi-jacked the Patriot Act

PRISM shouldn't surprise you. The NSA was already spying on your Internet traffic back in 2003. This is just another flavor of the month.

When the Patriot Act was passed (under Bush!), we liberals pointed out that it was a scary erosion of our rights, and we begged conservatives to think of what might happen if "their guy" wasn't in office.

Now their guy is gone, and the Patriot Act is still an awful bill. Surprise!

ferschitz said...

Well duly noted that many Republicans want to start a War with Syria, not just Obama. John McCain, a previous Republican candidate for President, is itching to start a war with Syria.

I'm all for Impeaching Obama for wanting to go to War on spurious grounds, but rightwingers need to carefully note who is for this War, and who's not.

And why are YOU for or against it.

Just saying.

As for the BigSpy issue... it didn't start with Obama. In fact, the NSA & the FBI have been spying on Americans since at least WWII, if not prior to that (by some other organization).

Bush pushed for the Patriot Act, and you conservatives creamed in your jeans to see it passed. You called all the liberals who protested the Patriot Act "traitors," and "terrorist sympathizers" and worse.

NOW you say want to Impeach Obama for NSA spying??? Well, where were YOU in 2003 when Bush initiated all of this.

At least I'm consistent. You conservatives are just authoritarians who listen to Rush Limbaugh too much and dance to his tune. Rush was all in favor of the Patriot Act.

Now that Edward Snowden has revealed what's going on, Rush is bellowing that it's all about Obama.

Frankly Obama's just a figurehead. Impeach Obama, and those in the shadow govt will laugh their asses off at you gullible rubes and continue doing more of the same.

Wake up sheeple...

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