Fw: Ray Stevens

Subject: Fw: Ray Stevens

Subject: Fw: Ray Stevens
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 9:34 PM


Anonymous said...

Save your click. Some dumbass white guy singing a "parody" song filled with lies.

gruaud said...

I think Nathan Rabin of A.V. Club sums it up nicely:

"But none of these crimes against music and comedy has generated the stir of Stevens’ anti-illegal-immigration rant “Come To The U.S.A.” Like many of Stevens’ songs, it’s incredibly lazy, yet also tries way too hard. Stevens seems to realize that his songs are devoid of funny lyrics, amusing ideas, insight, humanity, or any redeeming facet, so he piles on leaden shtick: silly, vaguely offensive accents; zany fake public-service announcements; and most noxiously of all, Stevens’ trademark idiot chuckle of self-satisfaction. A typical Stevens concoction is a misbegotten cross between a vaudeville sketch, morning-zoo wackiness, and a diatribe from your racist uncle."

Anonymous said...

The thing that always gets me on illegal immigrants is that the same people bitching about them are the ones hiring them at sub-par wages, because they do not want to hire an American to do the same job at a livable wage. If you are really that concerned about the issue you would never see a small (or large) business owner whom spouted anti-Obama rhetoric hiring people without social security numbers or paying them under the table.

ferschitz said...

Watch the excellent documentary, Food, Inc. There is a section in the middle of it showing footage of how the large meat/animal processing plants actively & very obviously advertise for illegal workers in Mexico & other Central American countries.

Many of these plants are in "fly over red" states, like Arkansas, Alabama, MI, etc. They bring the illegal workers to do very difficult and dirty work in their plants, where these 1%ers avoid OSHA regulations for safe & clean work places. The illegal workers are paid sub-minimum wage & work in inhumane & unsafe conditions.

Then when ICE comes a-knocking - in collusion with these creeps - they round up the illegal workers & send them back "home"... usually forcing them to forfit their last paltry pay check.

It's a total racket. A lot of the same stuff happened, frankly, in AZ, which has the infamous Sheriff Arpaio and very draconian laws against illegal workers.

When the prior housing bubble was in full swing, the AZ construction industry actively recruited illegal workers from south of the border, paid them super low wages & then let the workers take the consequences if ICE came around.

In almost NO case is the company owner or any manager ever so much as fined, much less sent to trial.

But of course, the usual rightwing gas bags - RushSeanGlennBillo - rant and tirade to credulous conservatives about how undocumented workers are "ruining" everything for pristine, lilly white USians.

It's a crock, as usual. I know nothing about this singer, but he's just part of the whole rightwing noise machine set up to distract gullible rightwingers from who's really ripping them off - the 1%.

Anonymous said...

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