Fw: No Words Needed

Which is the real, down to earth man?


Anonymous said...

What bullshit. Try this:


dave said...

I gotta admit -- I don't get this one at all.

Anonymous said...


But it's so obvious. The good honest president holds his own umbrella like a "real" person. Not like Obama, who degrades the marine (and, by proxy, all of the armed forces past, present and future, because he hates them of course) by forcing him to hold the umbrella for him. Apparently wing it's live in a world where google doesn't exist, which shields them from the dozens of photos of other presidents (including Reagan!) who had other people hold umbrellas over them at various times.

Anonymous said...

Wingnuts, that is. Autocorrect strikes again.

gruaud said...

Oh, I think some words are needed.

"Oh my god, the president is BLACK."

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

"Wing it's" fits just about right, too.

Anonymous said...

Wingnuts are probably well aware of past Pres who had others holding the umbrella for them. Gruaud got it. How DARE that Blackity Black N word demean the Military by forcing them to hold his umbrella. Bigoted racism per usual.
on a device that forces me to sign as Anon

gruaud said...

Actually, anon #1 knocked it right out of the fucking park, FS.

Credit where credit is due, and all that.

( =

Zak said...

He even admits he's Lazy!

Brian said...

True! Obamau, when interviewed by BaBa Walters..she asked him "what trait he most deplored in himself", he responded "laziness"... as he sat alongside his white hating wife.

Stop spending Americans money on your lavish, frequent uneeded million dollar get-aways..while Americans are losing their jobs and homes. You pitiful piece of Sh$tt.

Mike said...

Brian: That's a shame about that Obamau guy, whoever he is. He and his wife sound really bad. That's probably why they could only get an interview by some weirdo no one's ever heard of named BaBa Walters.

As far as Americans "losing their jobs and homes," foreclosures and unemployment have fallen steadily since Obama took office.

Anonymous said...

@ Brian

Yawn. Bad enough you repeat the same stupid lies over and over. You could at least spell "shit" correctly.

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