Fw: Walk in cooler at the White House

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A peek inside the White House walk-in refrigerator
 I know you're laughing!!!
. . . and you know you're gonna pass it on.


Anonymous said...


Really? We're still seeing these? Do they still not get how stupid and awful these are?

CharlieE said...

The Right can't keep their stories straight. They claim Obama isn't really "African American" because...his father is African and his mother was American, but he's not descended from slaves, because he's really a secret Kenyan Muslim.

And secret Kenyan Muslims apparently have a thing for large quantities of watermelon...or something.

Cal said...

They just can't get away from them can they? For all his black friends visiting...Wonder how much chicken they got stored up.

stan said...

It's Soul Food bro!

Randall said...

There’s my favorite sock puppet. I’m glad you could weigh in on your views of race. We were all wondering where you stood. Are you starting to use a spell checker? Your quips are becoming a little more legible, although your grammar has more to be desired.

Since we are broad brushing, if I have learned anything from Undercover Brother it is that white people cannot get enough mayonnaise. Maybe there should be pictures circulating of Romney or W with a stockpile of gallon jugs of it. Then again that would be that would only confuse most of the right-wing talking heads and be an exercise in stooping to these peoples’ level.

ferschitz said...

Well there's nothing wrong with Soul Food, but it's beyond sad when rightwingers come here to roll in their foul muck and revel in what bigots they are.

Guess, at least, "Sean the Sock Puppet" is fearless enough to admit that s/he's a completely racist bigot. There is that.

Some of the other conservatives who've visited this site in the past have attempted to dispute that they're racist at all, despite RWFs like this one. And they usually descend to the meme of how they're not the racists. Rather leftwingers are the "real racists" for calling conservatives out their completely obvious bigotry.

I know Rush & Glenn have spent many a show carefully dictating to the dittoheads to do this, even though it makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

So, I guess "Sean" has the stones to stand up and say: YES, I a loud & proud bigot.

Really enlightening. Have conservatives turned a corner & started taking ownership of their racist bigotry now?

Jack said...

The Gangster Commando, aka; Barry Soetero, known as Barak Hussein Obama is BANKRUPTING AMERICA...a Planned Strategy. As he pays his dog sitter (black man) $100,000 per yr to doggy sit. Flies his barber in every two weeks for a haircut. A $100 MILLION African vacation at the taxpayers expense also, why people are losing their jobs.

gruaud said...

Was that even english, Jack?

ferschitz said...

These people certainly have fevered, but rather boring, imaginations, don't they?

BTW, "Jack," you spelled the name Soetoro incorrectly, but that's no surprise, is it?

One could only WISH that the way Obama was "bankrupting" the country was via over-payments to his dog sitter, barber & vacation planner. At least some "regular folks" would have good paying jobs.

But do these twits really believe that's "bankrupting" the USA? Incredible.

Try again, "Jack," and here's a clue: go look at Wall Street & the Banks for starters.

If you want to discuss how Obama has treated Wall St and the Banks, then there might be grounds for discussion.

As it is, though: overpaid dog sitters & barbers? Epic FAIL.

Yet another example of how rightwingers are distracted by their racist ignorance.

I won't dignify the comment by revealing my thoughts on what Obama was exposed to in Indonesia. However, eating dogs is the least of my concerns.

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