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Kevin said...

That... was actually witty! Not particularly reflective of the facts, but witty.

gruaud said...

100% backwards, Hitch. And you know it, liar.

Democrats always run on the economy, stupid.

Republicans never do, because their policies always put the economy in the shitter in the first place. Thus, it's always about abortion, gays, or Willie Horton.

You can't cut taxes for the rich, deregulate everything, and attack other countries at the behest of corporations and expect the economy to be sunshine and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you see, if Democrats try to debate us on the issues we push for the hardest, then they're ignoring the REAL issues!

If it's about the economy, perhaps Republicans should start looking at the damage their trickle-down plans are doing.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for that GOP jobs bill...

ferschitz said...

Other than this propoganda, WHERE have so-called "Republicans" ever talked about the "Economy"?? Can anyone provide a link other than this piece of lying tripe?

I call bullshit, plus it's a classic example of rightwing projection - accusing the so-called "Democrats" of what they, the GOP, are doing.

Who is pushing the notion of no coverage of contraceptives in health care plans? Why conservatives. And who is loudly bellowing nasty shit at women who speak out about it? Why Lush Rimjob, the Boss of the "Republican" Party.

Why are so-called "Democrats" allegedly "bringing up" this stuff? Yeah right. Neat trick. The GOP tries to take away women's rights, treats women like shit, but so-called "Democrats" are just supposed to STFU because somehow a "response" to actions put into play by "Republicans" means that "Democrats" are either: a) wasting *everyone's* time and/or b) maliciously *distracting* the poor poor populace from what's really the burning issue: the economy.

Why yes, the Economy should be the Number One issue. I quite agree. So why is the GOP NOT focusing on it? WHERE are their proposals, bills, etc, for improving it? WHY is the GOP trying to enact legislation to limit the rights of women, rather than seeking ways to improve the economy for all concerned?

Stawman sent out to gullible Fox viewers, who'll be easily satisfied by wanking to how "horrid" the "Democrats" are.

Typical rightwing projection, however. Note how it's done.

Anonymous said...

YES, please Republicans, keep taking every possible opportunity to remind us that you don't think women's health is important.

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