FW: Doesn't Anyone Care?

Subject: FW: Doesn't Anyone Care?

Subject: Doesn't Anyone Care?

Why Can't We Get These Records Unsealed?


Anonymous said...

Just keep throwing the same old tired shit at the wall. I'm sure some of it will stick eventually, right?

gruaud said...

Cry some more, birthers.

Your tears are sweeter than wine.

Anonymous said...

But, WHY all the "sealed" shit when it comes to President Obama...fershitz, anyone? Ah amigos? ;-)

Anonymous said...

ferschitz...Give me a reason, amigo! Por favor....

Anonymous said...

But, WHY all the "sealed" shit when it comes to President Obama

The things on this list are either

1) Not sealed at all (ie Birth Certificate)

2) Sealed for legal or professional reasons (ie "client list as lawyer")

3) Don't exist ("Foreign student aid" papers)

4) Irrelevant (Baptism record? Seriously?)

5) Pure bullshit, like Michelle having 21 more assistants than any other first lady.

Like I said: same old shit flung against the wall.

gruaud said...

Ho hum.


gruaud said...

Now watch as our genius either changes the subject or disappears.

Come on: post again, winky troll. My knives are waiting for you and they're quite thirsty.

ferschitz said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... HUH??? whazzat??... oh more birther bullshit? Pardon me while I go back to sleep. Wake me when you have a for real, serious question. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S. Try that teh google thingy and/or snopes, as I think that they'll dispense with any "questions" ya might have. Stop be such a LAZY foolish idiot, for a change.


Hooray4US said...

The 1% just loves it when conservatives in the 99% get their knickers in a twist over irrelevant lies like this. Serves as a huge distraction as to who's picking their pockets.

I just find it amazing that anyone can give a shit about this crap.

H L Menken (b. 1880) said ""No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

blaney said...

Shorter Doesn't Anyone Care?

Ohmigawd there's still a N----- in the White House!

Steve M. said...

"Columbia Thesis paper" -- Columbia didn't require a thesis for a B.A. when I got mine in 1980, and it didn't require one in 1982 when Obama got his.

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