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Subject: Fw: Fw: Military funeral protocol
MILITARY FUNERAL PROTOCOL:  (by Marilyn M. Barnewell, NewsWithViews)
Did you know that the White House has notified all military funeral service departments to immediately remove the words “the President” and insert the words “Secretary of Defense” from the funeral services of veterans? The sentence has traditionally been: “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, I wish to present you with this flag in appreciation for your husband’s (or son’s or daughter’s) service…” With these words, the American flag, so carefully folded for this moment, is given to the appropriate family member.
An officer who gave the flag to a family member after using the words “The Secretary of Defense and a grateful nation…” was approached by the recipient’s nephew. This information was brought to my attention via an email. I checked it out with Snopes. The nephew asked the flag presenter why the words “Secretary of Defense” were used rather than the traditional “President of the United States .” His answer: “The White House notified all military funeral detachments to immediately remove ‘the President’ and insert ‘the Secretary of Defense’. Though Snopes is a bastion of liberal thought and gives a long rationalization as to why it was done, it is true.
Why is this important? It shows the total lack of respect America ’s President has for us, our military, and their families.


Ken said...


Notice unlike right wing B/S emails the above article gives documentation for their information.

Ken said...

This E-Mail shows no lack of respect of the president. What it does show is a lack of respect of the right wing think tank that dreamed it up and assholes like you that pass it on.

ferschitz said...

Thanks, Ken, for the FactCheck reference.

Here's the link to Snopes (of course, a "liberal bastion" because it is FACTUAL as opposed to pumping out bald-faced lies):


Snopes indicates that a minor change in Military protocol occurred in 2007 under then-Pres George W Bush, whereby the wording of the presentation may be changed slightly if the person presenting the flag is not a commissioned officer of the Military.

Why my goodness: we simply don't have a case to diss Barack Obama, but let's just make up a passal of lies and send them forward to all of our nasty-minded bigoted friends and see if everyone get all riled up and *distracted* from who's *really* screwing with us (aka: the 1%).

Conservatives: ever happy to be lied to and misinformed in the name of having their self-righteous bigotry inflamed. Way to go. How's that War on Xmas working out for ya, by the way???

blaney said...

Shorter Marilyn Barnwell:

Hey cretinous bigots! Here's a whopper to inflame your racist hatred of that "N" word in the White House.

gruaud said...

Marilyn would tell you that Factcheck.org is a bastion of liberal thought.

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