FWD: 7 lies in under 2 minutes

Subject: 7 lies in under 2 minutes
Check this out

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Anonymous said...

The 7 supposed "lies":

One misquotation.

One debatable point about what "transparency" means.

5 items which are under the control of Congress and which the President can do little to nothing about.

But at least its computer virus free.

sean said...

I love the new boogy man liberals make congress as their excuse for Obama being such a shitty president.

Anonymous said...

.I love the new boogy man liberals make congress as their excuse for Obama being such a shitty president.

Not a boogie man, just basic civics.

You see Sean, under the Constitution, Congress is a coequal branch of government, without which not a lot can get done. I know it didn't seem that way when W was in office and conservatives claimed he could do whatever he wanted no matter what those cowardly traitors in the Capital might thinks, but its still true. The amazing thing is how Obama manages to be both a power crazed dictator (according to the right) while still actually respecting the separation of powers. Quite a trick.

When Republicans set records for number of filibusters, its hard to really blame the President when things don't get done.

When they refuse to even consider legislation that has widespread support because it might actually help things and thus help Obama's reelection chances, again its hard not to point the finger at them.

When their only real demand is "cut taxes for the rich and don't actually do any governing", well, its hard to run a government that way.

This is reality Sean. Welcome.

gruaud said...

Sean, you are always welcome here.

You are the new voice of conservatism and you hit every conservative lame-brain trope ever.

Keep posting here, ALWAYS.

sean said...

You see Anonymous, a leader leads. He doesn't hand things off and say you guys figure this out, I'm gonna go to Iowa and give a speech on it. Shit even his own party leaders (Pelosi & Reid) were pissed at how he just dumped the health care thing in their laps.

You do know Obama has to sign the bills, so the idea that he has no influence over the process or what is in a bill is just wrong. So no it isn't just civics.

Anonymous said...

You see, Sean, a President has certain powers.

When it comes time to greenlight a SEAL raid to kill the world's #1 terrorist, he can definitely do that without too much contribution from Congress.

When its time to create and implement one of the biggest social programs in the history of the country, he can't exactly just do that with the stroke of a pen. It takes a fair bit of effort from the other members of the government. Despite this, they still managed to get it done, with a combination of compromise and persuasion. And Obama was very much part of it every step of the way.

When the GOP threatened multiple times to shut down the government, Obama was right in there trying to talk them down from their crazy ledge, and he (with Reid, and Pelosi, and others) managed to defuse the situation.

To say that he's done nothing is just fucking stupid. Stimulus, Health Care, Dodd-Frank, heading off government shutdowns, the biggest lower and middle class tax cut in history, etc he's been involved with all of it. None of those was perfect (largely because of Republican idiocy and the fact that the system gives even assholes like them a say), but to say he did nothing is to ignore this little thing called reality.

sabina moon said...
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