FW: Pace Car

Subject: FW: Pace Car

Subject: Pace Car


It took some money to purchase this, paint it & haul it from Montana to Alabama ...
This was seen on I-65 in Birmingham AL a couple of weeks ago. The truck has Montana license tag and they pulled alongside of it and gave the driver a big thumbs up. 
He acknowledged with a thumbs up. Loved it!


Anonymous said...

If people got one tenth as riled up about the actual bankrupting of our nation by our existing health care system as they did about the scary stories Republicans tell about Obamacare, we might actually see people's lives improve.

Naturally, that'll never happen.

gruaud said...

Someone spent a lot of money to promulgate an obvious lie.

The only question is whether it was bankrolled by the insurance industry or whether some poor sap spent his own money supporting the very people out to screw him.

ferschitz said...

High five to gruaud: my thoughts exactly. If the insanely wealthy Koch brothers - who've bankrolled the Tea Party, esp against HCR - didn't pay for this silliness, then some sucker's out of a lot of his/her own money.

How stupid. Let's all celebrate how we're being ripped off by the "Health" Insurance ponzi scheme bc it "proves" how we're all such good little conservatives. Hooray for our Team!!! (even if it means we get screwed).

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