FW: Gas Prices... Huh??

Subject: FW: Gas Prices... Huh??

Subject: Fw: Gas Prices... Huh??

Watch this report...it is such an incredible example of the hypocrisy of the liberal national media and the democratic party.
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 10:37 AM
The highest level of hypocrisy!!!(){:>) +

This is so good it really warms my heart. What a crock this administration, and its apologists are. I particularly like the thoughts of the lady from Time Magazine, such deep thinking and analysis. I hope this gets big exposure and is passed around the internet.



Anonymous said...

Wow! What a "Big Exposure"! Gas prices shot through the roof during W's time as president, mostly as a result of the stupid ass war in Iraq and profiteering by the oil companies. Now gas prices are... basically the same. Clearly this is Obama's fault! Damn liberal media!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I remember everyone screaming about high gas prices. But that wouldn't help Democrats win the 2008 election, after the economy collapsed and gas was $1.87/gallon.

They were low for a few years because of the economic collapse, but higher prices may be here to stay because China is catching up to us in oil demand. Or maybe due to speculation.

Either way, criticizing the President alone was wrong (and rare) under Bush and is wrong now.

ferschitz said...

As some know here, I'm no supporter of Obama, but *blaming* Obama for high gas prices is utterly teh stoopit.

Unless or until I actually witness T-GOPers becoming anti-War, Inc, and demanding that whatever Pres is in office (no matter which political party they "claim" to belong to) bring home the troops NOW, then this kind of dickheaded "argument" is a specious LIE.

A huge part of the reason that gas at the pumps is so high is bc of speculation (as indicated by Valeyard, above), but also bc of how much OIL is used by the US military in *endless* and *increasing* Wars of aggression for no reason.

One of the biggest consumers of OIL is the US Military. Yo! Knock knock yoo hooooo: if you rightwingers are *unhappy* with the price of gasoline, then you just might want to notice how many WARS this nation is involved in. AND those WARS were begun by your beloved G W Bush... you know, that "dude" that you so wanted to have a beer with.

Get. a. clue.

Love how this rightwing thinktank gets its rocks off by commenting about the so-called "liberal media." shuh... like let's just take a gander at the Sunday am talking head shows and compare how many T-GOPers are "interviewed" fawningly by ALL of the stations (not just Fox) v. how many so-called Dems are invited on.

Liberal, my @ss. But it's another way to *distract* the rubes out there from how all of us peons are being *ripped off* by the upper 2% in this nation.

Wake up, sheeple....

gruaud said...

The decidedly right-wing leaning media is liberal only to extremist groups like the John Birch Society.

Nice shoe, is it not?

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