FW: : American Exceptionalism demonstrated

Subject: FW: : American Exceptionalism demonstrated

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Subject: FW: : American Exceptionalism demonstrated

I went to Willow Run and the Grand Blanc Tank Plant as a kid. My father was in top  management, so once in a while he would arrange for me to “test drive” a tank.

Willow Run Bomber Plant Video.... 

Many old-time pilots have heard about this, but have never seen it.

This film will absolutely blow you away - one B-24 every 55 minutes.
HITLER HAD NO IDEA THE U.S. WAS CAPABLE OF THIS KIND OF THING.  There is no way he could have even guessed.  

For those who live outside of Michigan, Willow Run (YIP) is near Bellville, Canton, and Ypsilanti, MI.  It is 8 miles west of DTW (Detroit Metro).

The first freeway in the world was built from Detroit to this Bomber Plant.  It was the origin of what is now I-94.  It brought people to work at Willow Run.

It's amazing that one B-24 (built with over 1.25 million parts) came off the assembly line every 55 minutes

The wisdom and patriotism of Henry Ford made this "miracle" possible.  It also helped to keep the world free.

You will enjoy the few minutes it takes to watch this snapshot of history. 
  Click on:
Henry Ford's "Miracle of Mass-Production


Anonymous said...

Henry Ford also believed in paying his workers enough so that they could afford to buy the cars they were making. When he announced his starting wage of $5 a day, the other industrialists of the day had a shit fit. How dare skilled workers earn enough to enjoy a comfortable middle class existance! Don't they realize they are merely cogs in the wealth machine!

Zeno said...

And, fortunately, Henry Ford's virulent anti-Semitism did not determine U.S. foreign policy. Otherwise, we might have considered supporting Hitler before he engaged in that bit of unpleasantness with Britain and France.

gruaud said...

And yet, conservative job outsourcing kicked the living SHIT out of the US manufacturing base, and conservatives cheered while the rest of us screamed in horror.

So a hearty FUCK YOU is called for, I think.

Look, contards, American Exceptionalism is over, and you guys worked your asses off to outsource it. True, Clinton helped, but he was always a moderate conservative, NEVER for a second a progressive.

And now you reminisce about the good old LIBERAL DAYS.

It would be laughable, except your greedy policies harmed so many innocent Americans.

Mr_Creosote said...

Spot on comments so far.

Hey you conservative troglodytes, you know who you are...the ones screaming about big government, your hatred of 'The New Deal' and deficits; It sure is amazing what private industry can do with some GOVERNMENT SPENDING and REGULATION...you know, like more of the same during WW2...what you ideologue dolts scream about actually ending the depression.

Cognitive Dissonance, party of one, your table is ready.

Marc with a C said...

I wonder how many of those red-blooded, god-fearing 'Murkins were union members?

Also, further proof that government spending ends depressions. Who do you think was buying all those B-24s???

ferschitz said...

Agree that the cognitive dissonance of this one is particularly jarring.

Earth to the nutbar conservative fringe!! It was most likely UNION workers in those Ford plants, and the products were sold to the US govt. And wowee-zowee, not only did it help Team USA actually win a war, it enabled our nation to come out of a depression.

Now all you nutbar dolts want to do is disband Unions and stop govt stimulus because... ??? Because Rush Limbaugh told you to think that.

It would be "nice" if you ever stopped to *think* about these dumb emails, but clearly you don't. You just forward them around like so many shuffleboard pucks, feel smugly self-satisfied (for no reason), and feel all tingly with judgemental condescension at dirty liberals (for no reason), and that's the end of it.

Like: duh!

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