Fw: Republicans and Tea Party Candidates working together



Anonymous said...

Wow! Two groups which draw their membership from the same group of people, and who are financed and led by the same people, are actually working together! Its like the Tea Party isn't actually some new, revolutionary movement but a way for Republicans to bitch and moan while pretending that they weren't the ones screwing things up for the last decade!

ferschitz said...

I thought that the T-Party was ever so proud of itself for be anti-establishment, including the ReThugs?? So now what? They're actually *admitting* what the rest of us knew all along? That the Koch brothers and Dick Armey astro-turfed a bunch of racists into causing a stink in order to further the *same old ReThug agenda* that these low-info types *claim* to hate so much.

Color me unsurprised except that Rupert Murdoch is finally telling the truth for once.

gruaud said...

Just confirming what we knew all along.

So let's be clear:

You are the people who:
allowed 9/11
cheered invading two countries under illegal pretenses
cheered torture
deregulated the shit out of everything
polluted the shit out of everything
hate science
hate facts
spy on the rest of us
allowed Katrina to crush NO
are John Birchers
are KKK
are terrified of women, gays, browns, blacks, muslims, liberals, the poor, europeans, asians, Canadians, eskimos, martians, animals, and anybody else -- ESPECIALLY if they are inherently nice. And polar bears.

You really fucking hate polar bears.

Yeah, we know who you are.

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