Fwd: Small business video- must see

Scary!!!!!  We could well be witnessing the death of America as we know it. Government regulation will kill democracy and capitalism if it continues. This needs to be read by every thinking person in American but it will not as America is too occupied by enjoying the good life from Government goodies.






Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit.

A Republican billionaire, who made his fortune running a big box store which has crushed and destroyed countless small business vendors, comes on an rants about the "evils" coming out of Washington. This from a guy who has actively worked against employee free choice. Geez, I wonder what his bias might be?

He doesn't make one specific point. He doesn't point to one specific new "regulation" which is supposedly destroying businesses or making it harder to run one. Not one. And yet, according to him, these new regulations are coming out by the hour! There are so many stories, he says, and yet he can't really think of any.

Repeats old chestnuts like "Congress is immune to the law" and "Congress has their own insurance plan".

And of course, every one of his "small business friends" which he mentions is also stinking rich (his words). Boo hoo to them, the man making over a million dollars a year, who now says he just has to outsource jobs to another country in order to stay competitive.

Huh? What? So you're clearly making profits enough for you to be in the top 1% of earners, yet you're so strapped for cash that you need to lay people off? Does not compute!

Hey genius: the economy sucks. It sucks because people like you paid off Washington and let rich fucks like you turn Wall Street into the world's biggest game of back alley craps. That's the truth. That's why people are out of work, that's why businesses are shuttering and spending is down. Not because of some imaginary new regulations which you can't even name. Loosening regulation got us into this mess, and now you want to loosen it even more? Go screw yourself you greedy old fuck.

ferschitz said...

Righteous rant (and thanks bc now I don't have to read it).

Note the propoganda written by David Koch's pr person: "Scary!!!!" Yeah right: as if these sh*ts are gonna create more jobs if only we cut their richy-rich taxes & dergulate even more.

But t-tardz line up to drink this Kool Aid and sally forth to shoot themselves in the foot and vote against their own interests. Why they refuse to see reality is another question.

Yeah: tax cuts for millionaires who simply cannot live on what they earn and "have to" offshore jobs to the 3rd world. Pull the other one.

Thx 4 Fish said...

How would regulations on a business kill a democracy precisely? Answer. They wouldn't. But regulations could seriously impede a business' ability to pollute, overcharge, defraud, poison, buy congresspeople...

katz said...

Conservatives think Home Depot is a small business.

This...explains a lot.

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