Fw: Spotted in Austin Texas


Subject: Fw: Spotted in Austin Texas

Obama Care


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember when W spent $400 billion purely on Medicare drug coverage?

I guess it was okay then, since it only helped seniors, huh?

Anonymous said...

Actually, putting "Obamacare EMS wagon" on that jalopy is pretty clever, even if I disagree. As for the other sign, no I don't miss W. Not even a little bit.

ferschitz said...

Not sure that I actually get the point, but no, I don't miss W. Not. at. all.

Anonymous said...

Whatever they mean that's one piece of shit truck.

gruaud said...

Has it ever occurred to you WHY you
drive a rusted-out piece of SHIT?

You vote for them, and you get dicked
in the ass. Repeatedly.

Try voting even further right. I bet that
will work out just swell for ya.

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