Fw: Personalised Number Plate !!

I don't care who you are, this is funny !

Leave it to the American Government !


Anonymous said...

"I don't care who you are, this is funny!" is the new "I'm not racist, I know a black guy!"

The actual number (at least, in the photos I see) appears to be 29000, just for reference.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure that all those black Americans out there think a joke about the president based on a racial slur is a riot. But when it comes to "who you are", obviously, we're talking to the ony people who matter, i.e., other white people.

That said, thought, I LOVE this forward! I love ALL of your disgusting racist homophobic sexist forwards! And I want you to keep 'em coming, folks! PLEASE - Keep showing your blatant racism! Keep driving everyone who's not white and racist away from the Republican party! Keep up the homophobia, and keep bashing non-Christians too!

Because, you see, the demographics af America are changing. There are more and more not-white people. There are more and more non-homophobes and non-Christians, too.

And pretty soon, you are going to run out of racists, homophobic white Christian people. And then you won't have enough votes to get elected to anything other than local offices in an ever-shrinking Racist White People Land!

Maybe I should forward this one myself - I want to give you guys all the help you need!

ferschitz said...

If I point out the blatant (and disgusting) racism of this photoshopped picture, then RushGlenn soothing tells the T-tardz that it's ME, not them, who's the racist. Get it? Neat trick - eh? Behave like the KKK but when called out, project your unabashed racism on the person who points it out.

Oh, and this person probably goes to church every Sunday. Just pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Republicans/Tea Party photoshops a racial slur onto Air Force One. Not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1. Agreed that the younger generation are and will be disgusted by the current Republican racist, hate and fear messages. In my own conservative family, only one in 11 of the younger generation buys into the hate messages. I hope other families have similar results. I am really tired of the hate.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the government! And by government, you mean photoshop. For those who don't know (or don't care), U.S. civilian planes have an "N-number". Different countries have different numbering schemes and differnt starting letter or letters(F in france, G in Great Britain, C in Canada, etc.)

So, it is plausible that this would be the actual number... if it were civilian. This is a military aircraft and these rules don't apply to military aircraft.

Why is this funny, exactly?

gruaud said...

What I want to know is where are the concern trolls?

Help us out here.

Marc with a C said...

The best thing is, if this e-mail ever comes to light in the mainstream media, it will become just another example of a "liberal plant" designed to make the conservatives who forwarded it look bad.

Zeno said...

The careful conservative American citizen will dutifully avoid the N-word and will say "Negro" instead. (That's "KNEE-Grow" -- the KKK is silent.)

My right-wing dad would undoubtedly find this fake picture hilarious. He loved the one that showed Barack Obama as Sarah Palin's shoe-shine boy. And I'm sure "boy" was the intended word.


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