Fw: FW: Dream Photo

Subject: FW: FW: Dream Photo

We all have our dreams. 


Anonymous said...

At least pick a scene where the President isn't actually doing a concerned photo op at a serious disaster site.

gruaud said...

Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, too.

Pretty sure it wasn't about kicking the
president while his back is turned.

ferschitz said...

Figures. Bible Spice is playing football at the sight of an epic disaster. BHO is at least "acting" concerned about it and carefully looking at the sand.

Yeah: redneck humor pervades. Kick a guy when his back is turned while doing nothing useful. This is probably how Babble Spice celebrated the Exxon Valdez disaster, too.

Crappy photoshop as usual.

Hibryd said...

He has nothing to worry about. She'll quit mid-kick.

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