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I had  forgotten all of this.  Do you
remember  when the senators were giving Ollie North such  a
bad time?  This brings it all into  perspective doesn't
it?  Have a great  day
Do you remember1987.......


 Thought  you

 might be interested in  this forgotten bit  of



 was  1987! At a lecture the other day they  were
playing an old news video  of
 Lt.Col. Oliver North  testifying at the Iran-Contra
hearings during  the  Reagan

 There  was Ollie in front of God and country  getting
 third degree, but  what he said was  stunning!

 He  was being drilled by a
 senator,  'Did you not recently spend close to
$60,000  for a home  security


 Ollie  replied, 'Yes, I did,  Sir.'

 The  senator
 continued, trying to get  a laugh out of the
audience, 'Isn't that just  a  little

 'No,  sir,' continued  Ollie.

 'No? And  why not?' the
 senator  asked.

 'Because  the lives of my family and I  were

 'Threatened?  By whom?' the  senator

 'By  a
 terrorist, sir' Ollie  answered.

 'Terrorist?  What terrorist could
 possibly  scare you that  much?'

 'His  name is Osama bin Laden, sir'  Ollie

 At  this point the senator tried to repeat the  name,
 couldn't pronounce  it, which most people back then
probably  couldn't.  A couple
 of people  laughed at the attempt.  Then the  senator
continued..  Why are you  so
 afraid of this man?' the  senator  asked.

 'Because,  sir, he is the most
 evil person  alive that I know of', Ollie  answered.

 what  do you recommend we do about him?' asked  the

 'Well,  sir,
 if it was up to me, I would  recommend that an
assassin team be formed  to
 eliminate him and his men from  the face of  the

 The  senator
 disagreed with this approach,  and that was all that
was shown of the  clip.

 the  way, that senator was Al  Gore!


 pilot  Mohammad Atta blew up a bus  in 
 in  1986. The Israelis captured, tried  and
imprisoned him.  As part of  the 
Oslo agreement with the  Palestinians in 1993,Israel  had to  agree to release
 so-called  'political  prisoners.'

 However,  the Israelis would not  release
 any with blood on their  hands.  The American
at the  time, Bill Clinton,
 and his  Secretary of State, Warren  Christopher,
'insisted' that all prisoners  be

 Thus  Mohammad Atta was freed and eventually  thanked
us by
 flying an  airplane into Tower One of the
Trade Center . This was  reported
 by many of the American  TV networks at the time
that the terrorists  were  first
 was  censored in the
US  from  all

 you  agree that the American public should be  made
aware of this fact, pass this  on.

 Do  Not  Break - it is 8 years  strong.


 is  why I always say I love  YOU....

 This has  not been broken since  
 keep it  going....

 This has been kept alive  and moving since 9/11. In  memory
 all those who  perished this morning; the
passengers and the  pilots on the
 United Air and AA  flights, the workers in the World
Trade   Center and the
 Pentagon, and all  the innocent bystanders.. Our
prayers go out  to the friends and
 families of  the  deceased.


 this  to at least 10 people to show your  support



LiberalGunner said...

I guess Snopes is part of the the great liberal media cover up of factual information


Anonymous said...

Don't break the chain! 8 years strong! Pretty amazing for something which is proven false and isn't getting any truer.

Snopes can cite all the "facts" it wants. The only proof I need is contained in the giant, multicolored fonts of this forward! How could any sane person argue with such formatting?

gruaud said...

Think we already trounced this one, Dave.

I don't know how to make this any plainer:

The Reagan administration not only knew
who bin Laden was, they backed him to the
hilt during the Afghan-Soviet War.

And it's also common knowledge that there
is a strong alliance between the Bush family
and the bin Laden family.

And THAT is why e-mails like these circulate.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the second part is also false, no matter how big the font is.

Anonymous said...

There was an interesting (though not really surprising) posting at snopes recently, which sheds some light on what passes for "truth" and discourse among some people.


Bit off topic, but since this is a retread what the hey.

katz said...

I love how "This email is really damn old!" is suddenly a good thing.

I also think that it's funny that buying a security system for his house a decade too early is somehow seen as brilliant foresight. Did he think Bin Laden was going to TP him?

Hibryd said...

8 years, huh? I guess font sizes grow over time.

Snarla said...

No contard could be expected to know that Abu-Nidal and Osama bin Laden are not the same person. I mean, come on, both names sound Arab-y!!

To say nothing of knowing that $16,000 and $60,000 are not the same amount.

ferschitz said...

Geez, not that "great American Patriot, Oliver North"??? Selling weapons to one of the Axis of Evil, Iran, and channeling the profits to the Contras in Nicaragua. That Ollie North?? Yeah, I'd believe anything Ollie said. Gotta be true... NOT.

While at the same time, the CIA was selling drugs and arms to the Crips & the Bloods in Los Angeles, and also funneling the profits to the Contra's.

Yeah, the late 1980s: good times for all contardz!

Let's make our fonts really really BIG so everyone will believe us. Rocks for brains.

Tootseye said...

"This is bone chilling." Guess this person doesn't get out much.

Anoner said...

Now Fox is trying to rehab Scooter Libby by rewriting that history to make out that somehow poor, poor Scooter was vilely treated by the dreaded left. So I guess they have to trot out the former whitewash rehab of Ollie North as comparision. Corporate owned think tanks engaged in typical rightwing propoganda.

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