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Genius at work

As soon as he figures out how to walk through that gate holding an umbrella, he'll take care of
the economy, health care, Wall Street, Iraq, Afghanistan, unemployment and a few things more.
But first things first.


gruaud said...

Oh you mean he has to fix everything that
the Neocons fucked up over the last eight

Yeah, what's taking him so long?

ferschitz said...

Cute photo (and for once probably not photoshopped), but the "sentiment" expressed is typical rightwing unneccessary nastiness and teh stooopit.

Anonymous said...

i lol'd at the picture, but if it's actually raining (can't tell) i guess what he's trying to do makes some... sense? nah, holding the umbrella that high doesn't even do anything about the rain anymore, haha. might as well close it and reopen it.

also the look on michelle's face. XD

it's basically the same as all the pictures of bush making retarded faces that went around for eight years, so i cannot hold this forward against rightwingers.

silly (not photoshopped) picture + short sarcastic statement - racist remarks - shit ton of made up "facts" = the kind of right wing forwards i want to see

Anonymous said...

It clearly was raining. Given the photo, its likely he was going to pass the umbrella from one hand to the other over the bar. Not really rocket science. This is like taking a picture of a person in the middle of tying their shoes and then claiming they are too dumb to know how to tie their shoes.

As for the list of things: Health Care? Check. Wall Street? Semi-check. Iraq? Check. Afghanistan? In progress. The economy? Recovering slowly.

And thanks very much to the Republicans who 1) made all these fucking messes and then 2) have done everything possible to stop Obama from cleaning them up.

Hooray4US said...

Trust conservatives to find a way to make a big deal out of nothing. Photo is mildly amusing at best. At least no photoshopping to make Michelle's butt look bigger or whatever.

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