Fw: 1% Transaction Tax...ON EVERYONE

The one percent solution.                   


I checked this out on www.truthorfiction.com  and it is mostly TRUE!!
This is just astonishing! When are we going to get this IDIOT out ?

Subj: Pelosi says you wont mind a 1% transaction tax
How do you like them apples gang ?
YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING...."absolutely no"......
President Obama's finance team and Nancy Pelosi are recommending a 1% transaction tax on all financial transactions.
His plan is to sneak it in after the November election to keep it under the radar.
See what Nancy has to say about this wonderful idea!
It's only 1%!
This is a 1% tax on all transactions to or from any financial institution I.e.. Banks, Credit Unions, Mutual funds, Brokers,
Any deposit you make will have a 1% tax charged.
Any withdrawal you make, 1% tax.
Any transfer within your account, a transfer to or from savings and checking, will have a 1% tax charged.
Any ATM transaction, withdrawal or deposit, 1% tax.
If your pay check or your Social Security is direct deposited, 1% tax.
If you carry a check to your bank to deposit, 1% tax.
If you take cash in to deposit, 1% tax.
If you receive any income from a bond or a dividend from stock, 1% tax.
Any Real Estate Transaction, 1% tax. (This is on top of the 3.8% they just slid in on you) total nearly 5%, commission + tax 11%, some states "Excise Tax is an additional 1+% 12% OR MORE)
Pay for your insurance (health)... 1%
Consider 1% on the buyer of coming in, and 1% on the seller going out 2% of all transactions... Unreal. Some areas in California are over 9%, add two more 11%, who are they kidding???
And for What??? For Juan, Pablo and the anchor babies?
When will the pain wake America up to this non-sense. This administration is about YOUR MONEY, and they will take it from you how ever they can.
This is from the man who promised that if you make under $250,000 per year, you will not see one penny of new tax! Remember, he is completely honest and trustworthy.
You would think they would do something about the out of control SPENDING, and Entitlements... Too much, too out of control. They have to be Stopped!!!
Keep your eyes and ears open.  Next they will be coming for your blood.  Please help vote out the incumbents, whatever the party.
Please forward this to all your friends.  Please delete my email address before doing so.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Don't you already pay a fee to the bank in order to get your money out of the ATM?

Oh right, when businesses screw over people, that's "capitalism". When the government suggests a method to pay for the things that Americans overwhelmingly demand, that's "evil".

Please help vote out the incumbents, whatever the party.

Right. That's the ticket! I'm sure this plan will work out perfectly and everything will just be fantastic.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Ha-MOSTLY true. Yet there is no effort to identify which parts are true, why? because wingers don't want to clutter their heads with those kinds of details. If its mostly true that equals truthiness and that's enough for any moron to get his hate on for Dems! Go haters! They should have their own football team.

P.S. Snopes says there is such a bill, but it has one backer in Congress.

Marc with a C said...

"Please forward this to all your friends. Please delete my email address before doing so. Thanks."

Something something courage of one's convictions something.

CharlieE said...

His plan is to sneak it in after the November election to keep it under the radar.

Funny how the Wingnuts always manage to catch wind of these "under the radar plans." They're not very well kept secrets, are they?

gruaud said...

Their umbrage over taxes is truly infantile.

'Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.'
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Either we're all in this together or it's
every man for himself. I think it's pretty
obvious which way the teatards lean.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till the tax cuts are repealed and then the 1% tax will seem like petty theft. MORON LIBERALS!!

Anonymous said...

See. This is where I rip the hair out of my skull.

Someone whose experience of the wealthier segments of the economy is so limited that he thinks "financial transactions" include going to the ATM shoots down a tax that would hit, you got it, stock speculators only.

A transaction tax would be on complex financial instruments. Not on ATMs. Not on credit cards. ANGRYSIGH

Anonymous said...

The bill was referred to committee in February, where it has sat ever since. Oh, the terror.

Just wait till the tax cuts are repealed and then the 1% tax will seem like petty theft. MORON LIBERALS!!

The Bush tax cuts that add to our debt and only help millionaires? I think we can do without those.

But don't take my word for it, ask the CBO.

gruaud said...

"Just wait till the tax cuts are repealed
and then the 1% tax will seem like petty

...rich people are paid by even richer
people to say that to you. Too bad you
can't realize this.

Unless you think the uber-rich will
trickle down their gratefulness upon
you for supporting their rape of the
country. And it's too bad you can't
understand that they won't.

If they didn't during the Gilded Age,
if they didn't under Reagan, if they
aren't now...what makes you think
they will?

Because Rush says so?

You will never be one-one billionth
as rich as that bloated gas bag. And
the money he's paid to say these
things is a mere pittance compared
to return on investment. The Bush
tax cuts for the millionaires proved

ferschitz said...

Boy talk about propoganda and brainwashing... I'll leave at that. I'm with the rest of the commentary except the stupid one @6 by the moran t-tard. Easily led, that one.

Anonymous said...

I think all restaurants in this nation need to get together and say that when any politicians go to their establishments over this yet another break they get to take, that there will be a 100% tax on their bill just to show them that they no longer get a free ride on the backs of the American people whom they are slowly enslaving..
the politicians will inquire about the tax and the server can say "I don't know anything about it,, I did not read the bill"

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Would these be the same restaurants which employ illegal immigrants or use food picked by illegal migrant workers in order to pad out their profit margins?

ferschitz said...

"Would these be the same restaurants which employ illegal immigrants or use food picked by illegal migrant workers in order to pad out their profit margins?"

Oh you mean those restaurants where the rich white owner deliberately and knowingly hires undocumented workers without checking their papers because he knew he could pay them less money than documented workers???

Oh you mean those Ag business owners who personally travel to Mexico and Central America to recruit, hire and bring back to the USA undocumented workers to work like slaves in their fields for paltry wages ... jobs that no US citizen really wants to do? And then when conservatives go to grocery stores, the food they buy is so cheap because of the slave wages paid to undocumented workers by rich white ag business owners?

You mean those restaurants and that food??

Do you mean to say that conservatives never eat in restaurants with undocmented workers in them? And conservatives never buy food picked by undocumented workers? If you say yes, you're lying.

So why aren't conservatives out brandishing their pitchforks at the rich white restaurant owners and farm owners?? Why are conservatives only *whining* about the dirty messicans??? WHY???

I'd really love to know the answer to that, but oddly enough I never get one.

katz said...

Anyone notice the convergence of stupid comments and doubled punctuation marks?

I'll give leeway to people who make comma splices and the like because some of the rules are kind of subtle, but there is no rule of grammar anywhere that ever allows you to put two commas or periods in a row.

And yet I see it all the time in online comments. Where does it come from?

Anonymous said...

Of course, businesses "screw people over" while governments "suggest methods". Despite fact that govts can force you to transact with them while businesses can't, the business is clearly the more sinister party here.

Anyway, despite expressing the point in a profoundly dumb way, the email is basically accurate. The argument for this seems to be "it's a rly small %, but raises so much revenue!". Of course, 1+1 still does equal 2, not $500bn, so in reality it's a large tax just levied over a several subsequent transactions of the same sum.

As well as being a large tax, it also will gum up the financial system, thereby causing even more damage than straight income tax.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Its a tax proposed by some backbencher in Congress which has died in committee. The idea that this has any chance whatsoever of becoming a law is ludicrous. The wording of the stupid email makes it seem like this is some nefarious Obama plot which he is just waiting to spring on us, when in reality its about as likely as them declaring Greek to be the national language.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you check your facts before you pass these things along, unless, of course, you KNOW they are propaganda, and they promote your 'side'.

here is the 'truth' about the 1% tax:


and the quote you referenced - showing Nancy pelosi endorsing that act actually refer to her talking about an earlier proposed bill called " Let wall street pay for the restoration of Main street Act" --- NOT the 1% transaction tax.

Anonymous said...

@ New Anon

Welcome to the site. Just FYI, this blog posts things as is, in order for us to study and mock them. There is not necessarily any endorsement of these pieces (quite the opposite in most cases). And yes, we are big fans of Snopes.

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