A RW dad's letter of ideas to the RNC and the McCain campaign

"I sent these ideas to the RNC and the McCain campaign. Watch to see if they show up in a debate or ad campaign." -Rachel's Dad

1. Acceptance speach: I have no problem with Joe Biden - Joe Biden is a friend of mine. Senator Obama, You are no Joe Biden.

2.Debate: I have no problem with Joe Biden. Joe Biden should be here debating me you should be debating (McCain's VP choice).

3. Ad: He shut down Interstate 25 in both directions(backed up traffic video would be cool) just so he could accept his coronation.
He may be entitled... to his party's nomination...but is he ready to lead

4. Ad: Obama says: "So let me introduce to you the next president - the next vice president of the US of America, Joe Biden."
John McCain: "Obama is not even sure who should be on top of the ticket is he ready to lead?"




Fox News has taken a different angle:


Anonymous said...

ok, maybe I'm being gullible, but did Fox News really try to equate "Obama-Biden" to "Osama bin Laden"? That's pretty thin sauce, even by their meager standards.

Anonymous said...

Yup and it's way worse than that.
Heres a great article on how Hannity implies that Obama is some sort of 'Sleeper Agent' ala Manchurian Candidate.

Incidentally that site, http://www.newshounds.us/
is an excellent and extremely scary watchdog of Fox News and it's lies (which surprise! occur on a daily basis)

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