Fw: Pig with Lipstick Actually Found!!!!


Matto the Hun said...

oOOOOoooo... I get it!

So when Barak Obama say "pick in lipstick" when he is talking about John McCain's policies and claims for "change" Then Obama is talking about Sarah Palin... even though she wasn't mentioned at all. And even worse, Obama is being sexist.

But saying "lipstick on a pig" explicitly applied to a left leaning woman, in this case Rosie O'Donnel. That's not sexist, it's just funny.

I guess this is the same as if a Democratic candidate, especially a black one, would have been smeared for his lack of family values and his poor parenting if:

*His 17 year old daughter was pregnant

*Her boy fiend had a mySpace page saying he liked to drink and have sex and he's fuck up anyone who messes with him

But for Sarah Palin, well she's just "All American" and people should leave her alone.

Barack Obama has a "highly suspicious" name and he comes from Hawaii so that makes him elitist and exotic.

Sarah Palin's kids have funny names and that's "All American"

John McCain dumped his wife when he got back from Viet Nam after she waited for him for 5 years. He had an affair with a younger, prettier, richer woman but don't you dare say anything abut that, he's an "All American" POW!

Imagine if Barak Obama did that. His poor family values, he's so elitist, he's out of touch with regular American people. You can't elect that guy.

What if Barak Obama had 7-8 houses and 13 cars? That elitist snob.

People on the right will swallow every lie about McCain and Palin no matter what the facts are.

They swallow every lie about Obama because they want so much to hate him... because if they actually accepted the truth and facts, if they didn't know if he was a Democrat or that he was black... they know they'd actually like him and agree with much of what he stands for.

Let's face it, the Republican's that eat this shit up and go into a masturbatory euphoria forwarding these emails are assholes at the very core of their tiny, mean-spirited hearts.

That's all the Republican Party is, a haven for assholes. People who revel in their bigotry, hate, greed, pettiness, and an astounding level of ignorance.

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