Fw: Pearly Gates

A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at
the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.

He asked, 'What are all those clocks?'

St. Peter answered, 'Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a

Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.'

'Oh,' said the man, 'whose clock is that?'

'That's Mother Teresa's. The hands have never moved, indicating
that she never told a lie.'

'Incredible,' said the man'. And whose clock is that one?'

St. Peter responded, 'That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands
have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire

'Where's Barack Obama's clock?' asked the man.

'Obama's clock is in Jesus' office.

He's using it as a ceiling fan.


Anonymous said...

And as usual, swap out "Barack Obama" with "George Bush" and the joke makes a hell of a lot more sense (and funnier too)

Anonymous said...

And Sarah Palin's bridge to nowhere fan is the A/C compressor in the after world. Give me a break.

joshua said...

Twenty bucks says that this email has circulated with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, Jacque Chirac, and every other right winger's villain on the month as the punchline.

Erin said...

Mother Teresa accepted money from Charles Keating, who defrauded his investors. And then she asked for clemency when Keating went to trial. So uhh... what's the status of her "not accepting stolen money clock"?

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