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What a presumptuous JERK!

Even though this isn't illegal or against military regs, who the hell does this moron think he is? You didn't earn it. You don't wear it! I don't care if he already thinks he's the commander in chief, this pisses me off. He goes on vacation to Berlin and tells the world how he will fix America . . . how he'll give us a better image for the poor, abandoned refugees when we come to liberate them. I think the Germans already have an image of us, and it's 'Devil Dog!'

I knew you would all enjoy this laughable moment, just before you get quite angry. Good. Maybe it will get you out to vote.


Send this to your true brothers! Your fellow Marines. Oo-rah and Semper Fi!

This is the same guy in a USMC tee shirt that won't even honor the flag.


Leopold Stotch said...

oh noes! we needs to shut down all the military surplus stores!

Besides what's more laughable, this or this:

SJT said...

You... have got... to be kidding me.

Its a freaking T-shirt! They give them away for free!

There's just no words for this level of idiocy.

AStanhope said...

The first photo really looks like a Photoshop.


Obviously the countless times Obama has misrepresented himself as a former Marine have finally caught up with him.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if he hadn't worn a USMC shirt he would have been ridiculed as not supporting the troops through the wearing of a USMC shirt or a lapel pin or a USMC shirt with a lapel win (even though there are no lapels...). There's no pleasing some people.

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