"Got this from my Dad yesterday...." -Scott

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(Tune of Davy Crockett)
She goes ice fishing in the frozen land,
Races snow mobiles right beside her man.
Goes moose hunting and flys her own plane,
Will be vice president beside John McCain.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, queen of the wild frontier.
She sold the Govenor's jet there on E-Bay,
Looked at the limosines, said, "Take 'em all away."
Anywhere she goes, she drives her own car,
She even wants to drill up there in ANWR.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, Queen of the wild frontier.
She's a hard working Govenor, but she likes to play,
And she's a life time member of the NRA.
She's a great Mother, and a wonderful wife,
Everybody knows she's all PRO Life.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, Queen of the wild frontier.
She's an enviromentalist, with a plan to go Green,
Let's not forget that she's a beauty queen.
She's a conservationist, she likes clean air,
And she even got rid of the Bridge To No Where.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, queen of the wild frontier.
Now, the Republican Party is a dancin' a jig,
They know John McCain picked somebody big.
Someone said Obama's a doing good too,
I heard a big shout, "Obama WHO???."
Sarah, Sarah Palin, queen of the wild frontier.


Anonymous said...

For the true Sarah Palin experience it should be sung while someone is playing a banjo with their toes.

Matto the Hun said...

"An environmentalist"???

I almost crapped a brick at that one. Yeah shooting wolves en mass from helicopters and offering bounties on wolves... that's REAL environmental.

Never mind all the rest of the lies and BS... Bridge to Nowhere, selling the jet on e-Bay. Got rid of limousines... what about that tanning bed though?

So much of this stuff has been debunked by the major media (an amazing feet in itself), so how do these fucking morons buy into this shit?

Anyone ever wonder what would happen if a Republican ever left it's bubble?

Would it implode?

Would it catch a "Reality Virus" and drop dead, ala "War of the Worlds" Martians catching the common cold.

Or maybe they'd go into a convulsive shock and wake up to reality.

I wish it was as simple as the last one.

Matto the Hun said...

I'm also surprised they didn't mention that she can see Russia from Alaska.

Because that's friggin awesome!

staush said...

Was I the only one impressed that, unlike the poems and song parodies that usually pop up in forwards, this one was actually competently written?

I did sing it in my head to the tune of Davy Crockett, and it worked the whole way through. That's a big deal.

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