MRWD Housekeeping Post for Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Greetings from MRWD HQ. A few notes ....

Dave has been busy, I’ve been busy. It is sometimes hard to keep on top of the site when you have other things going on.

As always contributors thank you for you e-mails.  You help keep the museum fresh, entertaining, and up-to-date with whom RWD is angry. 

Some of you have noticed I started removing certain comments from the posts. I'd love to have some right-wing folks come in and discuss these FWD:s, but to come here and attack/insult/troll other posters is creating a lot of extraneous noise on the site.

Commenters are more than welcome to debate, agree, disagree, whatever.  However when the comments turn derogatory and personal I am going to remove them.  Thoughts? Any other suggestions?

Thanks again, and please keep 'em coming to,

Assistant to the Curator, MRWD


Anonymous said...

"Good morning fellow employee. You'll notice that I am now a model worker. We should continue this conversation later during the designated break period. Sincerely, Homer Simpson."

Son of Strom said...

Thank you.
Homophobic, racist, juvenile insults (we all know to whom I am referring) do nothing to enhance the discussion on this site.
Let's continue skewering the odd, conflicted creatures known as the modern conservative. As a great an brilliant man once observed:

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; this is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. --John K. Galbraith

ferschitz said...

Derogatory is blindingly obvious 99.9% of the time, and everyone who comes here knows it. Weasle words may make you feel better about your lowly actions, but the rest of us know better.

Thanks, Randall (and Dave), for what you do.

Many of us here over the years have welcomed differing viewpoints and encouraged informed, but polite, discussions to sort out our differences. However, if people cannot come here and politely discuss their point of view - to which they're entitled - then they should take their nasty diatribing, weird, harassing attacks to some other site that welcomes those actions. There's plenty of those sites available.

Speaking only for myself, I have no love lost for the Democratic Party, which I feel has totally jumped the shark and is in no way doing any good for any citizens anymore. But that's another topic.

The purpose of this site is to review conservative propaganda that shows up and gets passed around routinely. If you agree with it, then that's you're right. But support your point of view politely and explain why you see things the way you do. That's fine.

If someone politely discusses their point of view with me, I'm more likely to learn something and perhaps even change my point of view.

delagar said...

I do think comments that are, essentially, ad hominem attacks -- hate speech, insults, doxxing, and violent attacks -- should be removed. If I were moderating this site, I'd consider banning those who made such comments.

Here's why: although I think free speech is an important part of running a democracy, those who engage in such ad hominem attacks are not engaging in good faith free speech, and do not further its mission.

Free speech is meant to be the examination of ideas. When we meet at places like this, the virtual marketplace of ideas, we are engaged in the business of democracy. We're looking at political ideas and evaluating them.

When someone crashes in and begins screaming insults, that examination of ideas is disrupted. Now we have to deal with the screamer of insults. Now we have to, at the very least, try to get him to be quiet; to stop interrupting.

Others may try to refute his vile filth, which will take time away from the reason we are here -- examination of actual ideas, not his insults.

This, of course, is what such a bad faith commenter wants. He is not here to discuss legitimate ideas. He is here to disrupt. He is like the class clown all of us knew in high school. Uninterested in learning or in discourse, he only wants to disrupt.

He wants attention.

The only way to win is not to play his game. Delete him. Better yet, ban him.

You may think this is censorship, but we are not the government. There are other sites he can go and scream his insults on. Let him go there.

Anonymous said...


He's repeatedly shown bad faith, a lack of principles, and disingenuous/dishonest behavior. He's driven off more than a few posters, I bet. I'd rather have them back if the only cost is banning this son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

"Even" delagar, eh? Nice.

Once a troll, always a troll.

Ban him.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

I call bullshit. He's going to keep doing the same thing he's always done.

Anonymous said...

Please ban. Really done with this noise.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Randall -- you've seen this guy in action since you started curating.

This is just another pathetic bid for attention. Do the rest of the people here a favor and drop the hammer, already.

Anonymous said...

I think Randall took our advice and got rid of him. Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Randall.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Thanks Randall, that troll was repeatedly abusive and that behavior should get anyone banned--I say two strikes is all that's needed. I'm trying to think whether we've ever had a right winger post here who didn't eventually engage in personal attacks.

delagar said...

Thanks, Randall! I agree, that was the right call.

ferschitz said...

We have had a few rightwingers who posted here a few times - a long time ago - who attempted to engage in a "conversation" and didn't get abusive. The one or two that I remember didn't post for very long. I don't recall anyone being particularly mean spirited on either side. My recollection is that the conservative commenters found it hard to refute the arguments put forward. So they kind of faded away.

Again, I welcome any type of polite discussion. But the troll has been posting completely abusive attacks against specific people for quite a long time. I don't know or care if he was trying to be "funny" or get a rise or actually believed the nasty ugly racist homophobic sexist bigoted & franly perverted stuff he spewed out daily, but it was tedious in the extreme. And finally the abuse was totally utterly unmerited. Added nothing to the conversation, and I know of at least one regular who quit posting because of it. There probably are others.

No one wants to put up with umerited abusive ugly perverted attacks daily for well over a year with no let up in sight. This person really needs to go somewhere else to spew his bile. There's plenty of other sites out there for that kind of behavior.

Thanks for the "clean up on aisle six" Randall. It is merited.

dave said...

Good call, mate. Thanks for all you do.

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