Fwd: Liberal snowflake

Fwd: Liberal snowflake....


Anonymous said...

Trump runs off to his golf course safe space every weekend to avoid doing his job. He avoids the press whenever possible, and fills the press office with lackeys and sycophants from fringe wingnut websites. He holds sad rallies to boost his ego despite already being the President. He tweets nonsense about him being the victim of wiretapping despite everyone, even his own party, saying he's full of shit.

So who's the snowflake here?

Trump voters recoil in horror every time someone even thinks about calling them out on their racism. Some of them have even compared being a Trump voter to being a black person under Jim Crow or a gay person in the 1950s.

Again, who are the snowflakes here?

ferschitz said...

Take note of how the propaganda works in this one. Apparently conservatives see earning a $15 minimum wage as being a special snowflake. Well if that's the case, sign me up to be a special snowflake, and hey, let the conservatives earn whatever makes them not special snowflakes. What would that be? Is $2/hour low enough to make conservatives be all manly or whatever? In all seriousness, I don't get that one.

I don't happen to know anyone who gives a stuff about how conservatives feel about them, so that just seems like a nice big chunk of red meat tossed to conservatives, I guess in order to make them feel superior or something. Whatever.

But take note that the Democratice Party, in particular Nancy Pelosi, has also been adjuring those who are the leftwing of the Democratic Party (or probably now mostly Independents since Big D sold us all out a long long time ago) that the Democratic Party is all in for Capitalism, so STFU. So I guess conservatives can console themselves that they are lock-step in agreement with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.

Say what? Yeah, well I've said for a long time that there's not a lot - there is some - of difference between the "two" political parties, and that both have basically sold out the 99% in order to curry favor, payola, deals with the 1%.

And this is how the 1% wins: by pitting factions of the 99% against other factions. Nifty distraction works to keep the mega rich ever richer, while the rest of us fight with each for crumbs and scraps.

That is the purpose of this disingenuous "cartoon."

Wake up sheeple (on both sides of the aisle).

delagar said...

I love the "special snowflake" insult.

We literally have a president having tantrums on Twitter over every imagined slight to his inflated ego -- and Conservatives who elected him because they felt liberals were being mean to them -- and yet it's those liberals, asking for a $15/hour wage so they can feed their children, they're the crybabies.


Mr_Creosote said...

Ferschitz nailed it IMO.

Since the first Clinton presidency, the democratic party ( with the third-way calling the shots ) has went ever rightward economically to the point that now the only differences between the two parties are over relatively unimportant ( in the scheme of basic survival ) social issues. In turn, the corporate overlords both parties are beholden to win no matter what. The rest is just kabuki theater for the benefit of those who just have to view politics as a horse race.

Because of this, the 1 percenters use anachronistic red-baiting to further distract the useful idiots that keep them in power. These useful idiots, able to sense no nuance, what with their binary thought process, get to cut off their noses to spite their faces as they wave their flags and crosses...all the while being shit on by 1 percent.

Hooray4US said...

LOL. "Mike Hawk" gets deleted for attacking a commenter for no real reason, but then comes back and hurls the same insults as "Anonymous". Like, as if we don't know. Needs to get a life.

It is interesting to see some of these cartoons to observe the propaganda. Agree with ferschitz that it's all about pitting citizens against one another - as if politics were team sports - so that the rich can get richer. It's been obvious for a long time now that conservatives really get excited by being able to feel superior to so-called liberals. That's one of the main themes that run through these RWFs.

It's the usual: as long as very poor white people could feel like they somehow have it better than minorities, life is great. I guess all conservatives need are some convenient names to diss liberals with, and they're happy as pigs in sh*t. Doesn't matter if their lives are swirling down the toilet, as long as they can call liberals mean names.

Way to go. Both sides really have much more in common, but shhhhh! Don't tell anyone because rich people wouldn't like us to band together and make common cause.

blaney said...

Cartoons like this one are produced to teach conservatives not to get ideas above their pay-grades. Their reward is being mean to liberals.

Anonymous said...

I think "pay-grades" is a government term, last I checked. Conservatives tend to be private sector folks who are paid pretty much based on their overall productivity and value added to their corporations instead of settling for sitting unproductively with no incentives added to be more productive and efficient. Pay-grades are for low achievers and folks who just wanna put in the time, do as told, retire and get a pension. All at the expense of the taxpayer.

Blaney you are way off base, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Yes because absolutely every govt employee is useless, never does any work ever, & is a lousy lazy worthless moocher. Whereas every private sector employee works their butts off, are incredibly productive & never cause any problems. Great binary thinking. Fits right in w all of the rightwing propaganda here at this site. Thanks for the perfect example.

Anonymous said...

You understand that "pay-grade" is a metaphor in this case and that you're attacking a straw man, right?

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