Fwd: Fw: Perspective - A picture is worth a thousand words!

A picture worth a thousand words...

I hope this gets forwarded and placed on all messaging technologies at least hundreds of millions if not billions of times, until it saturates the minds of the stupid and maybe helps them to wake up.


Mike Hawk said...

For example....this is OUTDATED material. Why rehash the Kapernick "controversy"? This was thoroughly covered during the Fall of last year during the NFL (National Felony League) season and discussed here on MRWD.

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...

If you don't like older information - which still gets passed around, btw - then you are kindly invited to go elsewhere for information. It's that simple. No one is making you come here.

ferschitz said...

This is comparing apples to oranges and so makes no sense.

Colin Kaepernick, while a celebrity of sorts, is a private citizen. He is entitled to his right to protest. The military amputee is still in the military, it appears, and he is doing his duty (which is admirable under his circumstances).

The two aren't comparable, and neither man's actions reflects on the other's.

This kind of military porn propaganda is prevelent in conservaworld, as we've witnessed over the years. RWD loves to pretend that he worships all the grunts in the Military while happily supporting politicians who don't take care of them adequately. Plus if you're so concerned about those who serve, why do you keep voting for more senseless Wars that are only happening to enrich the already obscenely wealthy - who certainly don't have their kids "serving."

Let's also not forget how Republican Saxby Chambliss of GA treated Democratic Max Cleland - a much decorated triple amputee VN War Hero.


Republicans only have fake reverence for the military if they stay in their place and don't make waves.

Plus this is duly stoking up of racism, of course, but that goes without saying.

delagar said...

"Republicans have only fake reverence for the military" -- I've noticed this too.

I also wonder what freedom the military is fighting for, if it's not the freedom to peacefully protest the actions of our government.

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